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Bangkok Conference: Summary of First day

First Day of the Conference Bangkok , 22nd February ,2009 Paris-based Baloch Voice Foundation is hosting a three-day international conference on 22-24 February 2010 in Bangkok. It is being attended by leading Baloch activists from Pakistan and from around the world. Human Rights activists from Hong Kong, the U.S. and Europe are also attending it. The first day of conference began with a protest by some Pakistanis in front of the hotel where the conference is being held. There were about a dozen protesters carrying placards which said “Stop the Event”, and “We reject Feudal Lords”, assuming the meeting was a forum for Baloch sardars and feudal lords. Ironically, inside the conference hall, there was an unanimous position that the days of the Sardars were over and a new generation of Baloch leadership is emerging on the horizon to lead the Baloch resistance movement. Marino Budsachin, Secretary General of United Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO), the international NGO based