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Talal Bugti in Islamabad to secure Rs.2.5 Billion from federal Govt.\02\05\story_5-2-2010_pg7_37 Talal prefers Punjab hospitality over Balochistan’s in Capital By Khurram Shahzad ISLAMABAD: On a crucial visit to the capital of the country, Baloch leader Akbar Bugti’s son, Talal Bugti, has chosen the hospitality of Punjab’s official guesthouse in the federal capital over Balochistan House. Talal – who has carried the Bugti tribe’s flag since his father’s killing in a military operation in 2006 – refused to be put up at Balochistan House when he landed in the capital on Wednesday to negotiate with top leaders for the rights of his people. “I will not ... stay even for a single night at a place occupied by turncoats, those who are corrupt, enemies of the land and evil,” said Talal when asked why he had chosen Punjab House over the Balochistan complex for his rare visit to Islamabad. Talal has been provided full protocol and foolproof security by the Punjab government: a special bulletproof jeep and

List of Missing Persons

List Provided by National Crisis Management Cell Islamabad Missing Person-Balochistan (BLUF) Missing Person-Balochistan (Chief Minister Balochistan) Missing Person-Balochistan (Supreme Court Cases) Missing Person-Balochistan (Amna Janjua) List Provided by Home & Tribal Affairs Missing Persons Received