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Editorial: A dark and disgraceful day in Balochistan’s history

Baloch Hal’s-history/ January 25 th 2010 will go down in the history of Balochistan as a dark and disgraceful day. It will be remembered as a day when the law of the land was brazenly violated by those who are paid to remain its custodian. Those responsible to guard the citizens’ lives and property were seen behaving like scoundrels by randomly torturing innocent civilians, torching public property, damaging people’s vehicles and adding to public miseries. The scenes witnessed on the roads of Quetta on Monday will continue to haunt every professional policeman. The hooligans attired in police uniform and brandishing official weapons have reasonably worried every law-abiding citizen. Was it the harbinger of a civil war? Let’s wait and see. Let’s not underestimate this event. It surely did not come out of blue. Someone masterminded it; the others directed this play and the remaining executed the plan. In

ECC likely to allow tomato export to India from Balochistan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 By By Aftab Maken ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee of the cabinet, in its meeting to be held on Tuesday, is likely to allow tomato export to India as a better crop from Balochistan and Sindh has created a glut in the domestic market , The News has learnt. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture would also recommend to the ECC to give cash subsidy to farmers to encourage them to continuously grow vegetables including tomato, a senior ministry official told The News. The ECC meeting, to be chaired by Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, would also take up the contentious issue of sugar import as the Trading Corporation of Pakistan was facing a gigantic task due to strict specifications for suppliers of the sweetener, confirmed an official of the Ministry of Industries and Production. In its last meeting, the ECC directed the Ministry of Science and Technology to review the specifications for sugar import as the TCP had not been able to find a good num