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ANALYSIS: Assessing Article 370 —Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur\03\28\story_28-3-2010_pg3_4 The question is, will Article 370 be acceptable to those who call the shots here? What will be done about the properties that people from other provinces already own there? Will Gwadar be exempted because most top guns hold property there? Will the army and the navy, who have numerous cantonments and bases, even consider giving up their rights? Last week in these pages Mr Riaz Shahid in his column ‘An Article 370 for Balochistan’, (Daily Times, March 21, 2010) suggested applying some clauses of Article 370 of Jammu and Kashmir in Balochistan. It is a courageous suggestion and I do not doubt Mr Shahid’s good intentions. The suggestion has not been put forward before and therefore it needs to be assessed for its usefulness and implementation in the conditions of Balochistan. A G Noorani in his piece, ‘Article 370: Law and politics’, says: “Those who cavil at Article 370 of the Indian Constitution and the ‘s

Complete strike in Balochistan

Published: March 28, 2010 QUETTA – A complete shutterdown and wheel-jam strike was observed in different parts of Balochistan, including the provincial capital, on Saturday against the alleged forced annexation of the province. Infuriated mob also torched vehicles in Quetta and Turbat. Baloch National Front (BNF), an alliance of 10 nationalist parties, which was also supported by other parties, traders and transporters associations.In Quetta, all main markets and shopping centres at Jinnah Road, Liaquat Bazaar, Shara-e-Iqbal, Double Road, Sariab Road, Brewery Road, Joint Road and Qambrani Road remained closed throughout the day. However, thin traffic was witnessed on various roads of the City. Due to wheel-jam strike, attendance at the government offices remained thin while a holiday was announced for all government and private educational institutions. Administration had taken strict security arrangements to avert any untoward incident in the provincial capital as police backed by

Mir Hazar Khan Marri and Baloch national struggle a historical analyses

27.03.2010 By: Shah Nawaz Marri Mir Hazar Khan Ramkani Marri is son of Mukhadam Gula Khan Marri. Gula Khan was the traditional head of the Ramkani section of the Bijarani branch of Marris. The Marris are divided into three main sections, the Gazainis, the Bijaranis and the Loharanis. Each of these sections is then divided into sub-sections. The Sardars of the tribes historically was rotatory and elections were held between different tribes Mukhadams for sardari, it became part of Gazaini section after the intervention of the British, even after this the Marri tribe is of democratic structure the Sardar is the first among equals. Each Marri tribesman has a standing and a voice in Marri society. The Sardar or the clan chief cannot and will not ever insult a Marri and it is because of this mutual respect the loyalties of a Marri to his Sardar or clan leader is phenomenal. The Ramkani Marris live in central Marri area of Tadri, a rugged area with good grazing grounds and man-made te

Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline accord, termed it as “Grand Religio-Commercial deal of the century”, says Baloch leader

BSO-NA opposes Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline accord, termed it as “Grand Religio-Commercial deal of the century” WASHINGTON DC, March 26 - Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA) strongly opposes Iran-Pakistan Gas pipeline operational accord signed between Pakistan and Iran in Istanbul on March 17th . The proposed project doesn’t take into consideration the aspirations of Baloch people on either side of the border, as pipeline passes through Balochistan. Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of BSO-NA said, “Baloch people cannot guarantee safety and security of the pipeline that passes through Baloch territory. We consider Balochistan as an occupied territory and Pakistan has no legal and moral right to sign any such deal.” He warned both countries that “Those who invest in the project without taking into account Baloch consent are at their own risk, as Baloch are fighting their war of independence against the occupying forces”. It is time to reiterate our stand by quoting our leader Shaheed Naw

Baluchistan Governor Contradicts Pakistani Interior Minister

2 -Pakistani PM: Proof Of Indian Interference In Baluchistan Shared With U.S. Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani has said that the U.S. has been briefed about India’s interference in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province where Baluchi rebels are fighting for independence, according to an Urdu-language newspaper. Gilani said that the evidence of Indian interference was shared with the U.S. national security advisor. He added that the issue will be taken up with the Indian prime minister during an upcoming meeting in Sharm El Sheikh. According to a report in the Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt , the Pakistani prime minister, who is in Washington for the Pakistan-U.S. Strategic Dialogue, said that the U.S. did not trust Pakistan in the past but now supports Pakistan’s stance on the issues in the region. He said that the start of the strategic dialogue between the two countries is ‘‘a major change in U.S. policy.” Source: Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt , Pakistan, March 25, 2010 2

No power for 14 hours makes life ‘living hell’ Saturday, March 27, 2010 By By Our Correspondent LAHORE AT least eight to 10 hour loadshedding in urban and 12 to 14 hour loadshedding in rural areas is bringing untold misery to the people. The Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) is shutting down power for as long as 14 hours in a day as shortfall between demand and supply has touched the figure of 5,000MW. Some rural areas in the country are even facing up to 17 hours of loadshedding. A man from Chak Narang, a village on the Rawalpindi-Chakwal Road, told The News on Friday that his village experienced up to 20 hours of loadshedding during since the Thursday night. Naila Faisal from Jhelum gave the following timings of loadshedding in her city; 10am-11am, 12 noon till 2pm, 4pm-7pm, sometimes 6pm-8pm, 10pm-12am, 3am-4am, and 5am-6am. People from the provincial capital said they were also observing more than 8 hours loadshedding which was a scheduled time given by Pepco for the u

One killed, 5 injured in bomb blasts

By: Bari Baloch | Published: March 27, 2010 QUETTA – A man was killed and five others sustained injuries in two separate bomb blasts in Dera Bugti and Kohlu districts of Balochistan on Friday. Police sources said that an explosive device planted by unidentified people in Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti exploded and killed a man on the spot. He was identified as Khalil Ahmed and wounded two others. The injured were identified as Sona Khan and Ghulam Hussain. They were shifted to nearby hospital for medical treatment. Sources said the blast was carried out through a remote-controlled device. Shortly after the incident, personnel of law enforcement agencies reached the site and cordoned off the area. Police handed over the body to heirs after completing legal formalities and registered a case against unknown miscreants. In another incident, three people were wounded in a bomb blast in a hotel in Kohlu. Sources said that an explosive device placed in a hotel went off with a huge explosion and

Waja Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai’s interview

NOVEMBER 30, 2008...11:23 PM Mir Nabi’s first interview after his release from enemy detention, he was kept imprisoned for 8 years on charges of resisting the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan. The interview was conducted by a local news agency in Quetta on 29 November. Scripts of interview: Neither the charter of 1940 nor the provincial autonomy is the headache of Baloch people, occupiers know very well that what Balochs want but still they are denying the fact. The enemy has meticulously made our land Balochistan a hell for us, our land has been created into a symbol of terror and fear. If Balochistan is a hell for Baloch then someone doesn’t think that it will be a paradise for others. The so-called reconciliation efforts by Pakistan are deception and drama, to cover-up the reality, and we strongly reject it. Arrests, missing of people and military operations are still going on,

Target Killing issue to be taken with Balochistan CM: Malik

ISLAMABAD, Mar 25 (APP): Minister for Interior Senator Rehman Malik Thursday said that despite a provincial matter, target killing issue in Balochistan would be taken with the Chief Minister of the province.Giving assurance to the PPP MNA from Balochistan Naseer Ali Shah here at the Parliament House, he said that foreign hands could not be ruled out in target killing. The whole nation was suffering due to the menace of terrorism and army; police and other law enforcing agencies rendered supreme sacrifice to curb it from country’s soil. The minister said anti state element were creating commotion in the country under a conspiracy, however they would not succeed in their nefarious designs. He said he would himself bring a motion against the target killing in the House. MNA Naseer Ali Shah was staging protest against the target killing in Balochistan out side the Parliament. He said that he raised the issue at flour of the House several times but no effective measures were taken in this

Balochistan complexities

Balochistan complexities News & Views Mohammad Jamil Balochistan is mineral rich and strategically located province, and it needs peace for creating climate conducive to investment and development, which would help improve the living conditions of the people of Balochistan. However, militants are actively involved in worsening the security situation in Balochistan, and insurgency has hampered the growth and development of the province. Owing to public sentiments involved in the missing persons issue, it is being rightly highlighted in both print and electronic media but various militant groups under this garb are hell-bent in advancing their agenda. According to credible reports, telephonic conversation of some obstreperous sardars including Brahamdagh Bugti group and other groups, who are maintaining private jails and torture camps for their defectees and rivals. It is obvious from half a dozen calls intercepted by intelligence agencies that they are also involved in abduction,

Balochistan: Pakistan's broken mirror

Baloch children hold up nationalist posters. Photographs by Asim Hafeez for The National Islamabad's brutal attempts to crush ethnic Baloch nationalism have met with fierce, escalating resistance - and have laid bare the strains that threaten the founding idea of Pakistan. Madiha R Tahir reports from the rallies, homes and hospital rooms of the fifth Baloch rebellion. A child is fiddling with a poster of a mustachioed man, a missing political worker who may be his father or his uncle, and who is in all likelihood, dead. He draws my immediate attention, this child, because out of the thousands seated around him in row upon neat row inside the open-air tent, he is the only one not focused on the stage, the blazing lights, the young man holding forth in angry punctuated bellows. “I am not a friend of Pakistan!” Zahid Baloch bangs the podium to emphasise his point, his countenance flushed, severe. “I a