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BY Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur\01\31\story_31-1-2010_pg3_3 The rulers should understand that lip service does not soothe the wounds caused by decades of injuries and injustices. Difficult decisions are needed to solve the problems and win the hearts of the justifiably alienated Baloch The Kalat state’s forced merger with Pakistan ended 300 years of independent and semi-independent Baloch state. The sovereignty and will of the people of Balochistan was temporarily subverted. It was an epoch making event in the history of the Baloch people. Colonialism, be it of Iran, Afghanistan, Britain or Pakistan, has played the most important role in moulding the national consciousness that had been present in formative shape all through their history but had remained latent. This consciousness acquired at a bitter price is now becoming the determining factor in their struggle to be the masters of their destiny. Not willing to allow the Baloch a ch

Balochistan’s unattended IDP crisis

COMMENT: Balochistan’s unattended IDP crisis —Malik Siraj Akbar\01\31\story_31-1-2010_pg3_4 There are obvious reasons for the country’s security establishment to create obstacles for aid workers. The grave violations of human rights during the military operation in Balochistan are likely to be exposed to the international community once they are granted access to Balochistan’s conflict zones The government of Pervez Musharraf not only created an IDP (internally displaced persons) crisis in Balochistan, it also very dexterously kept the whole country in oblivion about it. Limited and restricted information was leaked about the fate of around 100,000 Baloch IDPs who were driven out of their homes during the military operation carried out in Marri and Bugti tribal areas. The dictator-sponsored humanitarian catastrophe was deplorable but officially denying accesses to national and international humanitarian groups to grapple with the I

BALOCHISTAN: What the future may hold By Iqbal Jafar Thursday, 14 Jan, 2010 To have an idea about what the future may look like — as seen from Washington, Delhi and Tel Aviv — it seems we have to see through the prism of the Indian establishment, Israeli hardliners and American neocons who wield significant influence on their governments. Their worldviews are structured around their geopolitical ambitions that they make no effort to conceal. The Indian establishment dreams of being the hegemon of South Asia and the adherents of Zionism of the Middle East. As for the neocons, the world is their oyster, or so they insist. This may seem ambitious enough, but there’s more — the regional hegemons, India and Israel, have an extended South Asia and Middle East in mind. As Israel Shahak, a highly regarded Israeli scholar and human rights activist, has pointed out, the subject of Israeli domination and influence is “the en

Editorial: General Qadir’s electoral victory raises eyebrows’s-electoral-victory-raises-eyebrows/ The Baloch Hal An election tribunal has ultimately declared former Balochistan governor and corps commander General ® Abdul Qadir Baloch victorious on a controversial seat of the National Assembly from NA-271. Contesting the general elections of February 18, 208 as an independent candidate against Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) candidate, Eshan Rekhi, Qadir had, according to the official results issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan, lost the coveted seat from the districts of Panjgur, Washuk and his own native Kharan. It was Qadir’s first political venture after retiring from the military and entering into politics in a province where links with powerful tribes and the establishment determine the electoral results. Unwilling to concede his defeat, the Baloch general addressed a number of press conferences against the poll results. Having aggressively campaigned by using the pop

Baluch nationalism is not the ambition of the few M.Sarjov It is wrong to perceive that the Baluch nationalism is the ambition of the few. Pakistan perceive the Baluch struggle in Baluchistan, a) as relic of outmoded traditionalism, doomed to be overtaken by the unwelcome incursions of modernity, b) traditional immovable Sardars obstacle to modernization. The Baluch tribes have had traditional rivalries among themselves. The Baluch tribes have had encountered each other during the colonial rule. They have been encountering each other during the Pakistan and Iranian colonial rules. Tribal movement always perceived as created and instigated to action by special interests that time and again masked for class privilege. The very elites who were thought to be leading the people struggle have tribal commitment. The people who were to be leading their people away from tribal affiliations were found to be in the forefront of tribal conflicts. Lack of cont

Oil and gas exploration sector: Poor law and order affecting investment, says Qamar\01\29\story_29-1-2010_pg5_1 * Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Naveed Qamar says bids for new oil exploration blocks in June By Ijaz Kakakhel ISLAMABAD: Poor law and order situation has affected the oil and gas exploration activities and portraying a positive image of Pakistan across the world is essential for investment in oil and gas exploration activities, said Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Naveed Qamar. Addressing a seminar in Islamabad on Thursday he said the government will take bids for new oil and gas exploration blocks by June this year. The minister said Pakistan was still offering enormous profitable opportunities to oil and gas exploration companies as they are benefiting from the favourable atmosphere. “Consultations with Iran on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline are on advance stage and the final agreement will be signed before February 15,” he maintained. He said Pakistan was

Two Punjabi settlers killed in Balochistan

Daily Times, Pakistan\01\29\story_29-1-2010_pg7_6 QUETTA: Two Punjabi settlers were gunned down in Balochistan in separate incidents in Khuzdar and Labela districts on Thursday. According to Khuzdar police, 38-year-old Dr Fahim Sajid – originally from Multan district – was gunned down by a man disguised as a patient at Sajid’s private clinic. The unidentified assailant opened fire at the doctor while he was checking him. Sajid died at the spot. Punjabi settler Abdul Haq was killed in Hub area of Lasbela district. Officials said unidentified men opened fire at the shopkeeper who died on the spot. No group has claimed responsibility for the killings yet. In another incident, at least two people – Shakir Ali and Shahbaz Ahmed – were injured after unidentified masked men – on a motorbike – hurled a hand grenade at a shop owned by a non-local in Noshki district. The injured were immediately shifted to Quetta for treatment. staff report

Two killed, 20 injured in Jaffarabad blast\01\29\story_29-1-2010_pg7_4 Staff Report QUETTA: Two people were killed and another 20 injured when a bomb went off in Jaffarabad district of Balochistan on Thursday. District Police Officer Syed Farid Ali Shah said the bomb had been attached to a motorcycle parked by the roadside in Sohabatpur area of Jaffarabad. The deceased were identified as Sawali Khan Brohvi and Pervez Ahmed. The injured were moved to hospitals in Jacobabad and Dera Allah Yar for treatment, where the condition of three of the injured was reported to be critical. The DPO said the people behind an attack on him and his convoy earlier this week were responsible for Thursday’s bomb blast as well. The Baloch Republican Army had claimed responsibility for the attack on the DPO’s convoy. Residents of the area later staged a rally against the police for failing to improve the law and order situation in the area and demanded the deployment of the Frontier Corps

PLF sees conspiracy against lawyers’ unity

The Baloch Hal News PLF sees conspiracy against lawyers’ unity QUETTA: General Secretary Peoples Lawyers Forum Balochistan chapter, Tahir A Khan Advocate said on Wednesday hidden hands were involved in hatching conspiracy to damage democracy and divide lawyers’ community. In an interview with APP here, he alleged that lawyers’ movement for reinstatement of deposed judiciary, was now being put on wrong track after restoration of the deposed judges. He recalled that a number of lawyers hailing from the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Peoples Lawyers Forum paid numerous sacrifices during lawyers’ movement for an independent and free judiciary. Under the Judicial Policy, Khan said the courts had been instructed to dispose of under trial cases timely and without unnecessary delay. Whereas he added the courts were facing hardships to fulfil their job under various reasons. The courts are required to take up the cases which had been pending for the last 14 years or above. For instance som

Infant mortality rate alarmingly increased: Dr. Bizenjo

The Baloch Hal News DERA MURAD JAMALI: Mortality ratio among women and children has increased to an alarming level in Pakistan and World Health Organisation and Government of Pakistan have evolved a strategy to overcome this. This was stated by provincial chief of National Maternal Newborn and Child Health (NMCH) Dr Yusuf Bizenjo while speaking with Correspondents and NGOs representatives after a special meeting here Wednesdy. He also visited Nasirabad, Kachhi, Jaffarabad and Jhal Magsi districts. Dr Yusuf said that a comprehensive programme has been evolved in collaboration with World Health Organisation on behalf of United Nations upto 2015 for reduction in death of mother and children in all the four provinces and Azad Kashmir. He said Public Health School and hostels were being established for training of educated women of Nasirabad Division in Dera Murad Jamali. It would start form March 201

Slow investment in Gwadar criticized

SAMAA TV Upadated on: 27 Jan 10 01:50 PM Staff Report GWADAR: Acting Chairman Gwadar Port Authority Ghulam Farooq Baloch has said that 82 ships anchored on Gwadar port during the last three years but Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) could not bring a single ship to the port. He further said that the government has power to amend or cancel the contract with the PSA. He said this during a media briefing in Gwadar on Wednesday. Ghulam Farooq Baloch said that contract of Gwadar port with the PSA has some flaws. The PSA has to invest US $525 million during 5 years but it has invested only US $30 million during the last 3 years. Baloch said that the PSA has been informed about the slow rate of investment. The PSA will build a 4.2 km long birth and container terminal in next 15 years. On the other hand, PSA says that the government promise of completing road network and industrial zone has not been fulfilled

Jaffarabad DPO among 7 injured in bomb blast

By Malik Siraj Akbar Daily times, Pakistan\01\27\story_27-1-2010_pg7_8 QUETTA: Seven people – including the district police officer (DPO) – were injured in a remote-controlled blast targeting a crowded bus station in Jaffarabad on Tuesday, according to police. Police sources said the device – which had been fitted to a motorbike – went off as DPO Syed Farid Ali passed by en route to work from home. The explosion also injured two other policemen and four civilians and destroyed several nearby shops. However, the AFP news agency said that four policemen were injured in the attack, and two of them were in critical condition. The injured have been admitted to hospital, and are reported to be in stable condition. The Baloch Republican Army (BRA) has accepted responsibility for the attack. Police said an investigation had been launched. Tuesday’s bombing marked the third attack in one week targeting security personnel in Balochist

Editorial: A dark and disgraceful day in Balochistan’s history

Baloch Hal’s-history/ January 25 th 2010 will go down in the history of Balochistan as a dark and disgraceful day. It will be remembered as a day when the law of the land was brazenly violated by those who are paid to remain its custodian. Those responsible to guard the citizens’ lives and property were seen behaving like scoundrels by randomly torturing innocent civilians, torching public property, damaging people’s vehicles and adding to public miseries. The scenes witnessed on the roads of Quetta on Monday will continue to haunt every professional policeman. The hooligans attired in police uniform and brandishing official weapons have reasonably worried every law-abiding citizen. Was it the harbinger of a civil war? Let’s wait and see. Let’s not underestimate this event. It surely did not come out of blue. Someone masterminded it; the others directed this play and the remaining executed the plan. In

ECC likely to allow tomato export to India from Balochistan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 By By Aftab Maken ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee of the cabinet, in its meeting to be held on Tuesday, is likely to allow tomato export to India as a better crop from Balochistan and Sindh has created a glut in the domestic market , The News has learnt. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture would also recommend to the ECC to give cash subsidy to farmers to encourage them to continuously grow vegetables including tomato, a senior ministry official told The News. The ECC meeting, to be chaired by Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, would also take up the contentious issue of sugar import as the Trading Corporation of Pakistan was facing a gigantic task due to strict specifications for suppliers of the sweetener, confirmed an official of the Ministry of Industries and Production. In its last meeting, the ECC directed the Ministry of Science and Technology to review the specifications for sugar import as the TCP had not been able to find a good num

One killed, 9 hurt in blast Published: January 26, 2010 QUETTA – One security personnel was killed and nine others including six civilians were wounded after a remote controlled bomb exploded in the Panjgur town of Balochistan on Monday morning. Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) accepted the responsibility for the attack. According to sources, unidentified people had planted an explosive device in a motorbike parked at Hospital Road of Panjgur town. The device went off with a big bang when vehicle of security forces passed through the area. Resultantly,10 people including 3 security personnel sustained injuries and rushed to a nearby hospital where security personnel identified as Rafiq succumbed to his injuries. ‘Seven people including two personnel of Frontier Corps (FC) were injured in motorcycle blast when the vehicle of security forces was passing through the area’, Jamil Ahmed, DPO Panjgur

Balochistan: The Plight of Disappeared in Balochistan

Monday, 25 January 2010 The cycle of enforced disappearance in Balochistan started several years ago. No practical measure to fight this has been taken by the government except some shallow statements. Below is an article published by Zaib Khan : “My brother was picked up by the state intelligence agencies when he was returning home from office,” recalled Hani Baloch, the sister of a missing Baloch person, as she broke into tears while saying this. Baloch Women’s Panel (BWP) has been observing a hunger strike camp in front of Quetta Press Club for the past many years for the recovery of several missing persons. The participants of this camp are predominantly the ones whose loved ones have been whisked away by the state intelligence agencies. But not many people have returned home yet. Unfortunately, many among these families which are observing hunger strike for the recovery of the missing persons comprise of those whose livelihood largely depends on the earnings of the male memb

4 wounded in bomb blast in Pakistan's Balochistan

Islamabad, Jan 26 (PTI) Four persons, including a police officer, were injured today when a bomb went off in Jaffarabad district of Pakistan's Balochistan province. The bomb, hidden in a motorcycle parked near a bus stop in Dera Alayar, went off when district police chief Syed Khaliq Shah was passing the area in his official vehicle. Shah and three passers-by were injured by the blast, TV news channels reported. The police officer's vehicle and several other cars were damaged. The police officer was on his way to office at the time of the attack. No group claimed responsibility for the blast though such attacks are usually blamed on Baloch nationalist groups that have been waging a campaign for greater autonomy for the oil and gas-rich province.

From the Horses Mouth-Talking 'Baluch' with Jerry Anderson

From the Horses Mouth- Talking 'Baluch' with Jerry Anderson Original text & photos appeared in HALI 76, © 1994 The study of so-called ‘Baluch’ tribal weaving has reached a watershed. While on the one hand Baluch rugs have cast aside their misleading stereotyped image as derivative Turkoman bastard cousins, on the other we still find in the marketplace the promiscuous use of little understood attributions and terminology founded upon ‘scholarship’ that too often fails to rise above the level of dogma. Loosely based on the sometimes unreliable accounts written by European travellers in the region during previous centuries, or drawing on subjective interpretations of Asian myth and ethnohistory, such popular ascriptions are seldom grounded in properly conducted research or first-hand experience of eastern Iran and Afghanistan. During the past two decades a number of well-known tribal rug writers, dealers and collectors, both American and European, have sought, if not alway