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Fifteen countries sign biggest free trade deal, giving boost to China's Belt and Road initiative

Last year, India had exited the RCEP agreement over concerns about cheap Chinese goods entering the country. India was a notable absentee during Sunday's virtual signing Agence France-Presse November 15, 2020 13:36:08 IST Hanoi:  Fifteen Asia-Pacific countries on Sunday signed the world's biggest free trade deal, seen as a huge coup for China in extending its influence. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) includes 10 Southeast Asian economies along with China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia, with members accounting for around 30 percent of global GDP. Ad First proposed in 2012, the deal was finally sealed at the end of a Southeast Asian summit as leaders push to get their pandemic-hit economies back on track. " Under the current global circumstances, the fact the RCEP has been signed after eight years of negotiations brings a ray of light and hope amid the clouds, " said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang after the virtual signing. " It

BLA claims responsibility for bombing a police van in Quetta

Source: Social Media Baloch Liberation Army sarmachars targeted a police van in a grenade attack on Spini Road in Quetta. At least three policemen were injured in the attack. The BLA has repeatedly warned the Baloch-majority forces such as the police and Levies in Balochistan, to refrain from obstructing the Baloch independence movement at the behest of the occupier Pakistan and its army, but some black sheep in aforementioned institutions are involved in spying on sarmachars, raiding on innocent Baloch, arrests, etc. This attack is a warning to those forces; if their anti-national activities didn’t stop, the attacks will be intensified. Today, on the occasion of Baloch Martyrs' Day, November 13, the Baloch Liberation Army wants to send a message to the nation that the struggle for  the liberation of Baloch nation which has been going on for the last two decades is due to the great sacrifices of the Baloch martyrs.  The martyrs of the Baloch homeland may appear to belong to differe