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BALOCHISTAN DIARY-II: Banking on twin strategies

Published   17 Sep, 2020   06:59am FAHD HUSAIN As the second largest city in Balochistan after Quetta, Turbat’s central areas give a manicured look. Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, the former chief minister of the province during the PML-N government, hails from here and is said to have spent funds for development in a transparent manner. It shows. Well carpeted roads with neat markings and clean surroundings, Turbat is a good example of putting money in the right places in the right manner. But there are problems. For instance, there is no fuel available here except smuggled Iranian petrol. In addition, schools and health facilities are inadequate, despite the establishing of some good projects. Security remains an issue. Frontier Corps (FC) Balochistan is responsible for securing the region. FC has also now been divided into a north and south force. FC South is the main force responsible for ensuring safety and security (and battling militants) in this region. It was only recently that an FC

CHINA: Party Watch Weekly Report 3|45 9.5.2020-9.11.2020

Party Watch Weekly Report 3|45 Center for Advanced China Research to me Weekly Report 3|45 9.5.2020-9.11.2020 David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Calvin Blackburn, Cady Deck, Brock Erdahl, James O'Brien Highlights Xi Jinping hosted a ceremony in Beijing to honor China’s resistance against the Covid-19 pandemic. In his speech, he emphasized that the CCP was able to control the pandemic because all aspects of Chinese society united around the Party and that entire experience proved the superiority of CCP leadership (see Senior Leaders section). A  People’s Daily  editorial declared that the Covid-19 outbreak added new momentum to the effort to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation (see Propaganda Work section).  Senior Leaders Xi Jinping Delivers Speech At the 2020 China-World International Trade Fair Summit  People’s Daily   9.5 Xi’s speech at the 2020 China International Fair For Trade in Services stressed the importance for all nations to jointly work toward international co