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BLA claims responsibility of attacking the Attock Cement factory in Hub

Source: Socal Media, Hakkal Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) Sarmachars (fighters) bombed the Attock Cement Factory, last night in Hub Chowki, which is an exploitative tool of the occupying state based in Balochistan. The Baloch Liberation Army claims responsibility for the attack. BLA sarmachars attacked a workshop at the Attock Cement Factory in Sakran, severely damaging the workshop and injuring several others. We have already warned the factory to stop Baloch economic exploitation, but by setting up a factory on Baloch soil, which is run by Baloch resources, and Pakistan recruits people from afar and brings them to Balochistan. Let alone the right on property, Baloch locals don’t even get a labor job. Those injured in the blast were parts of the state’s exploitative machinery, who were brought from far-flung areas to take part in plundering Baloch wealth, who remained involved in the exploitative process despite warnings from BLA. The Baloch Liberation Army once again warns the Attock