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Balochistan: Hundreds join ‘Bramsh Baloch Solidarity’ rally in Khuzdar and Rajanpur

NEWS    10th June 2020 QUETTA: A rally was organized against the Dannuk tragedy under the auspices of Bramsh [Baloch] Solidarity Committee on Monday and a second protest was held Tuesday whereas, on Wednesday Baloch residents of Rajanpur, Balochistan also took out a rally to express their support to Bramsh Baloch.  A large number of women and children participated in the protest and raised slogans against the murder of Malik Naz Baloch and wounding her daughter Bramsh Baloch. The tragic incident took place in Turbat’s Dannuk area of district Kech Balochistan on 26 May 2020 where armed men a Baloch woman Malik Naaz and severely injured her daughter Bramsh Baloch at their home during a robbery, which triggered protest across Balochistan. The second protest against the incident in Khuzdar started from Tine Hall and ended at Azadi Chowk where speakers addressed the participants and demanded immediate action against the culprits and an end to the bloodshed in Balochistan. The protesters cha

Lack of medical facilities in Balochistan hospitals leaves 3 dead in 24 hours

ANI |  Updated:  Jun 10, 2020 10:25 IST Balochistan  [ Pakistan ], June 10 (ANI): As many as three people, including two children, passed away within 24 hours in three districts of  Balochistan  due to the unavailability of  medical facilities  in hospitals in the province, local media reported. Three-year-old Shahdad who fell ill was taken to a nearby health centre in Kech district but due to lack of facilities, he had to be taken 120 kilometres away to Turbat. However, the child died on his way, according to The  Balochistan  Post. Citing local sources the media stated further that Shahdad had a high fever but he was not treated timely during the unavailability of facilities. However, he could not reach Turbat due to the dilapidated condition of the road between Mand and Turbat. Yesterday, another little boy Ameer Ul Mulk passed away in Nushki, during treatment. Quoting the residents of the area, Ameer Ul Mulk had been taken to hospital, where doctors discharged him after prescribing

Pak security forces abandon border posts as violent protests erupt in Balochistan

ANI |  Updated:  Jun 11, 2020 08:32 IST Balochistan  [Punjab], June 11 (ANI):  Pakistan i  security forces  abandoned their border check posts after violent protests erupted in Brabchah,  Balochistan , on Wednesday, the local media reported. According to The  Balochistan  Post, thousands of protestors pelted stones at the  Pakistan i security personnel forcing them to retreat and abandon their border posts. The protestors also destroyed and torched buildings of the  military establishment  during the protests constructed on the illegally occupied territory. Protests have erupted across  Balochistan  to demand justice for 4-year-old Bramsh, who was shot along with her mother in Turbat city by  Pakistan  Army-backed criminals. Baloch people worldwide have also joined the protest by launching online campaign #JusticeForBramsh on social media. The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has slammed the  Pakistan i Army over Turbat incident that happened last month and termed it to be "a continu

CPEC can add an extra 14pc to Pakistan’s GDP in ten years: World Bank

By   Staff Report  - June 10, 2020 (Updated 01:51 PST) ISLAMABAD:  Mega projects like China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) can prove to be growth-pullers once the corona-led global recession is behind us, according to a  report  published by the World Bank (WB). The WB’s report from last year which largely went unreported in Pakistan, forecasted Pakistan’s GDP to increase by up to 6.43pc till 2030, if one is to take only the investment on transport infrastructure under CPEC into account. However if one includes the impact of some policy measures like reducing border delays and reduction in tariffs that the World Bank proposes, Pakistan can add as high as 14.06pc to its GDP. According to the WB, “The impact of a more ambitious set of reforms could magnify the gains from the new infrastructure network. For instance, if in addition to an improved infrastructure network also border delays were reduced by half, BRI economies could double t

CPEC will be growth-puller in future: WB

National INP June 11, 2020 ISLAMABAD: The mega projects like China's BRI and CPEC will prove to be growth-pullers in the time of global recession in the days to come , said Gwadar Pro quoting the recently published reports... ISLAMABAD: The mega projects like China's BRI and CPEC will prove to be growth-pullers in the time of global recession in the days to come (following the outbreak of Covid-19), said Gwadar Pro quoting the recently published reports and research studies of World Bank (WB) and IMF. Although at present, this appears to be a remote possibility to some economists worried about the post-Corona negative growth, a WB's April 2020 report forecasts good days ahead for Pakistan whose "GDP is likely to increase up to 6.43 per cent till 2030, courtesy the steady pace of CPEC". According to the research studies, certainly there is no reason to disbelieve this 2030 projection. G

Army Tightens Grip on Pakistan as Imran Khan’s Popularity Wanes

Bloomberg News June 10, 2020, 2:30 AM GMT+5:30 National carrier, housing, pandemic response run by military Experts say it is a sign of Imran Khan’s dwindling influence Imran Khan   Photographer: Michael Reynolds/EPA/Bloomberg The generals are back in control in Pakistan -- unofficially that is. There’s now more than a dozen former and current military officials in prominent government roles, such as running the state-owned air carrier, the power regulator and the National Institute of Health, which is leading the country’s pandemic response. Three of those appointments happened in the last two months. Imran Khan  Photographer: Aamir Qureshi/AFP via Getty Images The military’s heightened profile comes as Prime Minister Imran Khan sees his influence and popularity dwindle due to a slowing economy, high consumer prices and corruption investigations involving his close aides. Analysts have long seen army support as critical for Khan’s party, which holds 46% of seats in parliament, to hold

US blogger claims to have been probing anti-Pakistan activities

Baqir Sajjad Syed Updated  June 09, 2020 CYNTHIA Ritchie ISLAMABAD: The social media controversy that began with Pakistan-based American blogger Cynthia Ritchie’s allegations against former prime minister Benazir Bhutto is turning murkier after rape accusations against former interior minister Rehman Malik and her claims that she had been “investigating” an ethnic organisation. In a letter addressed to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Ms Ritchie, 44, said she was a “law abiding resident of Pakistan” and had been “investigating PTM (with the assistance of supporting agencies and the military)” for the past couple of years, which led to unearthing of “links of anti-state activities between PTM and PPP”. The letter seems to have been written by Ms Ritchie to clarify her position after PPP leaders filed a complaint against her with the FIA for maligning Ms Bhutto, who lost her life in a terrorist attack in Rawalpindi in December 2007 while returning from an election rally. Defending her

Pakistan saw highest inflation in the world during 2020: SBP

Shahid Iqbal Updated  June 07, 2020 Facebook Count Twitter Share 96 KARACHI: For Pakistan’s residents, fiscal year 2020 was the worst year as they witnessed highest inflation in the world forcing policy makers to increase interest rate. “Pakistan witnessed highest inflation not only in comparison with the developed economies but also with emerging economies,” said the Inflation Monitor for April issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The SBP pushed up interest rates to cool down the inflationary pressure during the fiscal year but high rates proved counterproductive as they further increased inflation while the private sector stopped borrowing costly money hampering industrial growth and services. January witnessed  12-year high inflation  at 14.6 per cent. In response to the rising prices, the SBP rose the interest rates to 13.25pc. However, with the emergence of coronavirus, the entire economic scenario was turned upside down as demand contraction lowered inflation forcing the S