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India and Pakistan have experienced their largest single-day increase in coronavirus infections


India and Pakistan have experienced their largest single-day increase in coronavirus infections, confirming more than 14,700 cases between them Friday, as the virus shows no sign of peaking in South Asia.

Each country now exceeds the number of reported cases from China, where the pandemic originated.

India, with the highest coronavirus count in Asia, reported 9,851 additional infections Friday. Its daily tallies are now higher than any country's except for the United States, Brazil and Russia. Neighboring Pakistan reported 4,896 new cases Friday. Its total of 89,249 cases has surpassed China's tally for the first time, with its most populous Punjab province accounting for the largest share of infections.

The sudden spike in Pakistan, with a population of some 212 million people, comes nearly a month after Prime Minister Imran Khan brushed aside warnings from experts and eased a nationwide lockdown. The government in recent days was reportedly considering renewing…

Don’t play with fire, DG ISPR warns India

Top Story Muhammad Anis & Mumtaz Alvi June 4, 2020 Play Video PM briefed on national security at ISI HQ: Don’t play with fire, DG ISI warns India

RAWALPINDI: Director General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar, while advising Indian military leadership not to play with fire, said that it should be clear that any aggression from India would be responded with full might and there should be no doubt in it. “We will respond any aggression with full might,” he said. In an interview on Geo Television’s Capital Talk, the DG ISPR warned India that there would be consequences of any military misadventure in the region and the consequences would be uncontrollable. “Let us not play with fire. We will respond any aggression with full might,” he said.He pointed out that Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed…

Vociferations of Bramsh to her mother! – Shazia Manzoor

Current Balochistan

Date: 5 Jun 2020Author: Admin0 Vociferations of Bramsh to her mother!Author – Shazia ManzoorCurrent BalochistanI asked Bramsh to say something? She spoke: my mom was helpless to repetitive emotional episodes; however, she conversed with my grandma and dad and me on numerous occasions a day, and going off the framework was totally bizarre. How can somebody simply disappear? What is more, why?I miss you. I wish you were here. I can disclose to you a mother is fundamental for a youngster. At the point when a mother kicks the bucket, her youngster is not, at this point entirely alone. The misfortune makes it difficult to relax. That youngster thrashes in the breeze like a cottonwood seed. A bit of lighten that gets thumped about the world by the breeze. Here and there I arrived on strong ground, here and there I arrived in a lake and nearly suffocated. In any case, I am still here. I endure.She added: I have felt your non-attendance each day of my life since you were tak…

Balochistan: Fears of large-scale Pakistani military operation in Isplinji, Nagaon and Dalbandin

Current Balochistan

Date: 5 Jun 2020Author: Admin0 Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies had earlierly conducted ground and air operations in the area, arresting and disappearing several people and killing several herdsmen and their families.According to the reports, the area is being monitored by Pakistan Air Force spying planes in Isplinji, Nagaon and Dalbandin, raising fears of a large-scale operation in the area.It may be recalled that even before this, during the blockade of these areas, several persons, mostly shepherds and civilians, went missing or were killed.Ealier, the entire population was besieged and evacuated from the area in kalag in Tigran area of ​​Kech.Whereas ealier today Pakistani army has forcefully evacuated a family from Awaran.According to reports from Geshkour, residents of Lal Jan Bazaar, Hoor, Dr. Hussain was forced evacuated from the area by the Pakistani army.Similarly, the army has warned three more families in Geshkor to leave the area within three d…

Murder of Humanity – Shandaar Baloch

Date: 5 Jun 2020 Current Balochistan  Murder of HumanityAuthor – Shandaar BalochCurrent BalochistanWhen the world is going through Corona Pandemic and the deadly virus swallowing many lives each day, most of the People are concerned to save themselves and other ones from virus, lockdown, wearing mask, social distance all are to save the humans cause we created the term Humanity.But in our societies we have some people or group of people who even don’t deserve to be called animals, beacuse animals are much better from them, animals just comes to us for their food only and we feed them explosive material in the shape of food because we are humans and betraying is our nature, this incidence of kerela India is enough to prove that we don’t deserve to be called above the all we are just very low.Oh! that elephant could took revenge even In that condition when she was hurt and pregnant, could kill many people around there who were watching the scene and waiting for death of humanity but she c…

Losing without a fight

I HAVE not seen a government abdicate all responsibility to safeguard its citizens from clear and present danger so comprehensively as this government has just done. It was a moment of disbelief watching the prime minister announce that people should take care, try to stay indoors — and then announce a reopening of tourism so people in large numbers start going to areas like Murree, Swat, Kaghan and Naran and the northern areas, where healthcare facilities are already in very short supply.Expecting that these tourists will ‘observe SOPs’ or otherwise not be carrying the virus with them is a weak and distant hope. More likely, this step will open the floodgates of the Covid-19 infection for areas that are already too ill-equipped to handle the situation.Those who keep invoking the plight of the poor and the daily wagers to make the point that this is a fight the country cannot afford are missing the point entirely. This was a moment to bring far-reaching changes in the co…

Today’s Nazis, Chinese Are The Real Danger To The World’

Today’s Nazis, Chinese Are The Real Danger To The World’  Featured Image

The Chinese army has recently penetrated 3-4 kilometres into Indian territory in the Galwan area of Ladakh. Many people in India may think this incident was only due to some small misunderstanding about the border between the two countries, but that is not so. The incident is part of a much larger imperialist design of the Chinese, so let me explain. In the 1930s and 1940s Nazi German imperialism was the real danger to the world, and not British or French imperialism. This was because German imperialism was rising and expanding, and hence aggressive imperialism, while British and French imperialism were only defensive. While the latter only wanted to hold on to their colonies, the Nazis wanted to conquer and enslave other countries. Hence the Nazis were the real danger to the wo…

India’s Fingers have come under Chinese boots. Denial won’t help us

The Modi government and the military have gone into ‘denial’ about loss of territory, attributing the present situation to differing perceptions about the LAC.4 June, 2020 10:29 am IST
Representational image | PTI photo
The situation in eastern Ladakh at the face-off points between Indian Army and the PLA–Pangong Tso, Hot Springs and Galwan river–remains unchanged from what I wrote in my last column in ThePrint. By now, the additional formations that would have been inducted by both sides to cater to escalation and further operations as per respective operational strategies, would have fully acclimatised to operate in these high-altitude regions. Officially, both sides have been restrained in their statements and reiterated faith in diplomacy. Defence minister Rajnath Singh has said that diplomatic and military-level talks as per existing border management mechanism …