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Webinar: The future of PoJK is with Bharat

Pragna Bharati is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: The future of PoJK is with Bharat
Time:  May 30, 2020 05:00 PM India
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Dr Amjad Ayub Mirza is an Activist, Researcher and Author from Glasgow, Britain
Dr Mirza's family migrated to the UK in 1956, originally hailing from Baramullah and later moved to Mirpur, currently in PoJK. He himself went to Pakistan in 1964, entered politics after Zia ul Haq imposed martial law in 1977, was arrested and tried in a Military Court, and was imprisoned for an year. After release from prison, he went to China on a scholarship and graduated as a medical doctor.
Dr Mirza returned to the UK in the early 90s and earned his Masters degree in Film and Television Studies, from Glasgow University in 2016. He's the author of three books 'Prepare To Fight', 'Sarnay ki Tayari' (on Analysis of democra…

U.S. To Pull Study Visas From Chinese Students Linked To Military Schools In China

Report: U.S. To Pull Study Visas From Chinese Students Linked To Military Schools In China Carlie PorterfieldForbes Staff Business I cover breaking news. TOPLINETension between the U.S. and China has spilled over into education as reports emerge that the Trump administration plans to revoke study visas from thousands of Chinese students with ties to Chinese military schools, the latest barb as the bad blood between the two countries escalates. Thousands of Chinese students studying at AmericanFREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
KEY FACTSThe New York Times reported Thursday that the U.S. is poised to announce they will pull visas from Chinese students who have connections to universities tied to the Chinese military, perhaps as early as this week.The objective is to suppress suspected intellectual property theft and espionage that Chinese students have been accused of during their studies in the U.S. and could affect between 3,000 and 5,000 Chinese students at American universities. There’…

CLIVE HAMILTON reveals Beijing wants a life-and-death battle with the West

Who'll tame the Chinese dragon? After its ruthless clampdown on Hong Kong, 
CLIVE HAMILTON reveals Beijing wants a life-and-death battle with the West 
By Clive Hamilton For The Daily Mail 29 May 2020, updated 00:29 30 May 2020
By a majority of 2,878 to one (with six abstentions), China’s parliament this week rubber-stamped a proposal that will change life for the citizens of Hong Kong for ever.The National People’s Congress paved the way for a sweeping new security law — so draconian that it would make even Draco, the ancient Greek legislator from whose name the word is derived, blush. It will be imposed in September, but its repercussions are already being felt.It criminalises what Beijing deems to be subversion, separatism, terrorism and foreign interference — but that’s only the start.Clive Hamilton (pictured) says: 'What the new law really does is trash the ¿one country…

AUSTRALIA: Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China raises concerns

Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China raises concernsMAY 30, 2020 8:18AM China hits back at Australia with crippling trade tariffs as tensions heat up over Coronavirus investigation.

Victoria’s secretive agreement with China — part of its controversial Belt and Road Initiative — has come under scrutiny this week after the US threatened to “disconnect” from Australia if the deal threatened telecommunications.Victoria’s partnership with China has always been controversial but it is now drawing more critics as concerns grow about China’s actions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.China has hit out at Australia, placing a tariff of almost 80 per cent on its barley and blocking beef imports from four abattoirs, after Australia called for an independent inquiry into the origins of COVID-19.