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Balochistan has announced a two-day holiday for the Hindu community to mark the occasion of Holi

By  ​ our correspondent  Mar.08,2020 March 9 and 10 declared as holiday for 'Hindu community only' QUETTA:  Balochistan has announced a two-day holiday for the Hindu community to mark the occasion of Holi – a religious festival celebrated annually by the minority group. In a notification issued on Sunday, Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan declared March 9 and 10 as holiday for the “Hindu community only”. Sindh was the first province which had declared  Holi  as holiday for the Hindu community of the province in 2016. Hindus make up around 2 per cent of Pakistan’s 200 million population and mostly live in Sindh. The ancient Hindu festival of Holi, which heralds the end of winter and the victory of good over evil, is marked with a national public holiday in India and sees revellers pour onto streets. Celebrated mainly in India, Nepal and other countries with large Hindu populations, it falls on the last full moon of winter.

Is China's multi-billion dollar project in Pakistan facing a crisis?

The biggest constraint for China now is its own economy. 3 min read   .   04:03 PM IST ANI Plans originally called for a seaport, roads, railways, pipelines, dozens of factories and the largest airport in Pakistan The factories have yet to materialise on a stretch of beach along the bay south of the airport HONG KONG  : Almost seven years ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had shared the planning of a massive China Pakistan Economic Corridor Projects (CPEC) linking its landlocked western region of Xinjiang to the Arabian Sea in a bid to venture into the West. But, even today, the vision seems far from reality. Plans originally called for a seaport, roads, railways, pipelines, dozens of factories and the largest airport in Pakistan. In Gwadar, a remote scratch of land on Pakistan's southwest coast a new airport was supposed to have been completed with Beijing's funding more than three years ago. But the area still remains fenced-off with scrubs and dun-coloured sand. Specks of mi

Off from School: Is this Balochistan

Author: Sher Jan Shohaz How does one feel when his/her constitutional right is sold to him or her? Making education far beyond reach of majority, in a country where earning for one-day provision is suggestive of winning a competition of the day, is an acute discrimination against effete literacy ratio in the country that sadly stands at approximately 62.3, individual strength and constitutional rights. Since the government-run institutions in the country have failed to produce a satisfactory outcome of positive schooling, privatization has become a deep-rooted culture where making money to many spreading advertisements of providing private schooling is the fleet-footed way of becoming popular and the moneyed in the state. Due to constant failures of public-sector institutions, parents all across the country without putting questions on the fee structure and price tag of other expanse of the private-sector institutions, are absorbed tolerating every bit of scholastic expenses. The priva

The March for Women – TBP Editorial

Marching on International women’s day is not something alien to the world but in Pakistan, it is comparatively a new idea as the first-ever women march (Aurat March in Urdu) was carried out only 2 years ago in March 2018. On multiple occasions, the organizers of the march have said that they wanted to put the women question in front of masses, whereas, previously this day was observed with clichéd activities like holding seminars and press-conferences which had a very small audience with little influence and almost ended up with zero Impact. Considering that women make up half the population of the country, it was an injustice. By this time, knowing the amount of attention Aurat March has received, one can never deny the fact that this march has achieved its basic goal which was to gain the attention of the masses in big numbers, now all they have to do is put forward their problems in front of the stakeholder but it is where controversy falls upon the organizers and majority participa

Women March; uphills battle for the rights of missings’ mothers – Faraz Baloch

sangar publication  - 08 Mar, 2020 at 12:33 pm   In history from the first time despite of the slogans chanted by the modernists else where in Pakistan, the Baloch women, especially the educated and enlightened ones severely felt the most depressed and painful mother’s anguishes of the missing person’s in Balochistan who very politely require to be dedicated on the eve of the especial day which is internationally celebrated for uphilling the primitive rights, as Baloch women have toiled hard in a search for a human right based demanding struggle. Never ever it has happened in the history of Pakistan, the Aurat March which is yearly being commemorated for the fundamental rights of women has emphasized letting the world knows how hardly the Baloch women fate who await for years in a quench of seeing the beloved sons, brothers and husbands back from the dungeons. The inception of the women struggle globally has been tested via a process of radicalism, misogynistic approach, lack of respec