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On China’s National Strategy And Theoretical System – Analysis

February 6, 2020Anbound  0 Comments By For a long period of time in Chinese history, there was only one person related to the term “strategy”, this person is none other than Mao Zedong. Apart from him, there was no one else. It was the revolutionary leader Ye Jianying who said that at the PLA National Defense University. While the theoretical circles around the world also admit this fact, but it seems that the Chinese themselves are nowadays reluctant to admit it, because China is now full of “strategists”. Most of these so-called strategists are qualified as doctoral supervisors and bear the title of “professors”. They are articulate, active on TV or internet social media, and almost all of them are “internet celebrity”. The question is, should China be a great power with all these infinite number of so-called “strategists”?A frank answer to this question requires a thorough review of the theories and realities relevant or irrelevant to strategy.We hear the term “strategy” all …

China-centric 21st century

AXIOS Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios With the U.S. paralyzed by political gridlock and western institutions stagnating, China is positioning itself as the primary architect of new power structures in the 21st century.Why it matters: If the U.S. continues to anger allies, withdraw from global institutions, and ignore much of the developing world, in 20 years it may wake up to find itself resigned to a small corner in a world defined and dominated by China.Chinese President Xi Jinping's sweeping vision — the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — puts China at the commanding center of global economic and geopolitical relationships.Individual countries — from Cambodia to Italy to Angola and in between — are now heavily reliant upon China for economic growth through BRI investments in infrastructure, trade, science, technology, and military projects.Beijing is usingthat lever of power to influence their foreign policy and domestic decision-making.The result: Chinese-led…

Nullah Leh to be included in CPEC

By qaiser shirazi
 Feb.06,2020 Railways minister says Chinese President Xi Jinping expected to lay the foundation stone of project this year RAWALPINDI: With reports that the project has been shelved by the Punjab government owing to a paucity of funds, the federal railways’ minister on Wednesday insisted that the Nullah Leh Expressway project between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will become a reality. For this purpose, he suggested that the project could be included in in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. This was claimed by Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad during a talk at Lal Haveli on Wednesday ahead of his public address.Rashid, who has been vehemently pursuing the expressway project ever since he was a federal minister during the regime of former dictator General Pervez Musharraf, assured that work on this mega project will commence this year.“Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to lay the foundation stones of Null…

Gas and oil exploration company was attacked in a joint operation with BLA- UBA

Feb 06, 2020
Current Balochistan
In Sibi, gas and oil exploration company personnel were targeted in a joint operation along with Baloch Liberation Army (Jeeyand  Baloch) fighters, United Baloch Army stated.
UBA spokesman Mazar Baloch issued a statement in the media, saying that in a joint operation this morning, the sarmachars targeted a vehicle belonging to a gas and oil company in Kemo-wadh area of Sibi with a remote-controlled bomb. The vehicle was destroyed in the attack, four military personnel died on the spot and one officer was critically injured.
The spokesman added that the occupying state is using locals as laborers and contractors to carry out its plundering schemes. We have  previously warned locals several times not to participate in the state exploitation plans. And have even avoided targeting locals but a few are crossing the limits in favor of privileges, which are on our target, including state regular forces.
The spokesperson added that our attacks will continue until t…

All India Baloch Conference Jacobabad

All India Baloch Conference Jacobabad All India Baloch Conference Jacobabad(28, 29, and 30th December 1932)NoteOur generation has been listening about “Balochistan and All India Baloch Conference” of Jacobabad since our childhood. All of our lives we have been curious about its resolutions, elected cabinet and the next conference in Hyderabad.In recent years we were fortunate enough to be able to read all about this conference both in Urdu and English in various books and magazines. We got the photocopies of the original document which was circulating amongst the academia. Then, the verified copy was published in a research paper of renowned scholar, Dr Inam ul Haq Kausar (Yousuf Aziz Magsi, Balochistan Review – Vol XII-XIII, 2004, UoB Quetta Pp. 133-140). We compared this document with its Urdu version, and found it correct. Some minor spelling mistakes in the names of the individuals are corrected.The resolutions Passed on 28th December 1932The name of this conference will be the Bal…