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32 Military operation reported in month of November 2019

Month of November  2019 Sangar Report
32 Military operation reported in month of November  2019
Forces looted dozens of houses during military operations and raids across the Balochistan
38 peoples, including women and children, were forcibly disappeared  16 bodies were recovered, 
Of which one was of an elderly Baloch shot dead by the State-sponsored Death Squads in Kharan

While the exact circumstances and causes of the death of the other 15 remained uncertain.

Ten missing persons were released from torture cells in the month of November 2019
Two of them were abducted by forces in 2016, three in 2018 and five in 2019.
Pakistan had turned ineffective against the Baloch national struggle, as result; it is following the brutal and barbaric aggressive tactics of collective punishment in desperation. nder this strategy, the Baloch nation is being subjected to collective punishment so as to cow them down into submission. Initially, 
Relatives of activists were targeted under this strategy. As a resul…

Iran turns to China and India in the face of US sanctions

25 December 2019 Author: Mohammad Soltaninejad, University of Tehran In the face of the United States withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and adopting a ‘maximum pressure’ policy against Iran, Tehran is turning to China and India to circumvent US sanctions. In response, the United States is trying to deny Iran’s access to Chinese and Indian resources to pressure Iran into returning to the negotiation table. Both China and India have long had the potential to become strategic partners to Iran, but efforts to establish such partnerships were undermined by the United States. Yet the idea of strategic partnerships remains alive due to the geopolitical and geo-economic factors that link China and India to the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Central Asia. A review of the dynamics of Tehran’s relations with Beijing and New Delhi suggests various avenues of cooperation in the face of US policies against Iran. Beijing is showing a hesitant willingness to continue working with Tehran. China contin…

BSAC demands safe recovery of abducted Abdul Wahab Baloch.

BSAC leaders demands safe recovery of abducted Abdul Wahab baloch on Saturday during in a conference in Quetta.
According to details, Chairman BSAC Dr. Nawab Khan Baloch on Friday threatened the launch of a series of protests in Quetta if the provincial government failed to safely recover the abducted member of Baloch Students Action Committee Abdul Wahab Baloch.
“Wahab Baloch and his friend were kidnapped on December 10 but his friend was released on the very next day but Wahab is still missing.” Nawab Baloch claimed that he was arrested on the bases of wrong charges.
He further said that the security forces assured the family that he would be released in a few days but despite being in captivity for two weeks Wahab is yet to be released. “Wahab Baloch has completed his graduation from the University of Balochistan and his arrest is causing fear among other students.” Chairman BSAC urged the Human Rights Organizations to take notice of forced abduction of a student.
The Baloch Students Ac…