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Belt and Road: What They're Saying

Xi meets with Pakistani PM

TRIVIUM CHINAXi Jinping met with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Beijing on Wednesday.Some context: Khan has a lot of asks for Beijing.He wants more Chinese support for Pakistan in its ongoing conflict with India over Kashmir – the issue has become more heated after India revoked Kashmir's special status in August.Khan also wants to secure Chinese support to keep Pakistan off an international terror financing blacklist that would severely impede Pakistan's ability to raise funds.Finally, Pakistan also needs Chinese money and investment as it teeters on the edge of an economic crisis.More context: Xi Jinping is heading to India on Friday to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So Khan wanted to make sure to get in Xi's ear before the trip.So far, there is scant reporting on what the two leaders talked about.Khan also met with Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday. Li promised more economic cooperation (Xinhua):“He said China is ready to work with Pakistan to seek g…