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If George Washington was not a terrorist, neither are the Baloch.

Pro-Independence leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch’s open letter to US President Donald TrumpAN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMPDear Mr. Trump,Imagine what would have become of what is now the United States if in 1776 France and other European powers had designated George Washington and others as terrorists and joined the United Kingdom to suppress the settlers. The United States would have remained a colony rather than becoming the beacon of democracy and progress.If George Washington was not a terrorist, neither are the Baloch.We, the Baloch, have been resisting Pakistan’s state terrorism with knives and Kalashnikovs for the last seven decades. Armed with the most sophisticated weaponry, courtesy of U.S. military aid, Pakistan military has kidnapped, tortured and murdered thousands of Baloch. They trade the organs of our dead, rape our women and burn our villages.Dear Mr. Trump,The fighter jets and other weaponry which Pakistan is using against the Baloch civilians have been provid…