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China: Party Watch Weekly Report

Weekly Report 2|33 6.8.2019-6.14.2019
David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Brock Erdahl, Ann Listerud, Sandy Lu, and Daniel ShatsSenior Leaders
Central Committee and State Council General Offices Publish Opinion on Further Promoting the “Scientist Spirit”

6.12  The CCP Central Committee and State Council General Offices recently released an opinion on further promoting the spirit of scientists and “reinforcing work style and study style building” (关于进一步弘扬科学家精神加强作风和学风建设的意见) as well as a notification requiring all regions and departments to conscientiously implement the opinion.

The opinion required science and technology workers to “fight to become creators of major scientific research accomplishments, contributors to building a great science and technology power, a practitioner of sublime thought and high [moral] character, and a leader in guiding favorable social trends.” It set the goal as comprehensively implementing the measures to improve work and study style within a year and showing…

SupChina Weekly Briefing

Hello, readers!Welcome to the second issue of the new SupChina Weekly Briefing.To give us feedback — and please don’t hesitate to throw rotten tomatoes, or tell us what you love — write to Two million Hong Kongers march on the streetsPhoto credit: Anthony Wallace / AFPWHAT HAPPENED?For the third time in a week, enormous numbers of people in Hong Kong took to the streets on June 16 to demand government accountability to their voices and the permanent cancellation of a controversial extradition bill.As many as TWO MILLION attended, organizers said. Given the way people spilled out onto and filled multiple parallel streets (last week’s protests were mostly confined to one thoroughfare), the number seems reasonable.That makes this the largest protest in Hong Kong history, and a stunningly large demonstration by percentage of population: About 25 percent of the city protested on one day — Hong Kong has 7.5 million residents.The extradition bill that the people fea…