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2 oil tankers struck in suspected attacks in Gulf of Oman: shipping firms

ReutersUpdated June 13, 2019

A picture from Iranian State TV IRIB on June 13 reportedly shows smoke billowing from a tanker said to have been attacked off the coast of Oman. — AFPTwo oil tankers were hit in suspected attacks in the Gulf of Oman and the crews have been evacuated, shipping firms and industry sources said on Thursday, a month after a similar incident in which four tankers in the region were struck.One of the tankers, the Front Altair, carrying a cargo of petrochemical feedstock, was ablaze in waters between Gulf Arab states and Iran.Iran's state news agency said it had sunk, although the Norwegian owner had said it was afloat and its crew were safe. The other tanker was adrift without any crew.The Bahrain-based United States Navy Fifth Fleet said it was assisting the tankers after receiving distress calls. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, part of Britain's Royal Navy, said it was investigating with its partners.Details of the incident were not immedia…

The enemies have to face the accountability of Baloch nation. Dr. Allah Nizar

The enemies have to face the accountability of Baloch nation. Dr. Allah NizarSangarNewsDr. Allah Nizar Baloch, pro-independent Baloch national leader, in his new statement says “Baloch national struggle is moving in the right direction towards its destination. No doubt victory will be in the side of righteous and truthfulness, for that thousands of Baloch sacrificed their lives. Pakistan Army, its supporters, and proxies have unleashed their atrocities to counter this struggle; hardly one can find a parallel example of such brutalities in the annals of history. More than 40000 Baloch are enforced disappeared, thousands are martyred and millions turned homeless and living a miserable life. In this process of annihilating Baloch nation, along with enemies, some black sheep and snakes in sleeves and fifth columns have orchestrated nasty intrigues against Baloch nation. They must realize the fact that history is so cruel and they must have to pay for their crimes.

He added that in any nat…