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Pakistan’s Pashtun Crackdown Echoes Bangladesh War

June 07, 2019Abubakar SiddiqueGandhara Radio Free EuropeFILE: Some 100,000 protesters participated in a Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) protest in Miran Shah, the administrative headquarters of North Waziristan on April 14.Pakistan is increasing its crackdown on a civil rights movement demanding security rights and accountability for alleged grave abuses against the country’s ethnic Pashtun minority.But as more leaders and activists of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, better known by its initials, PTM, are killed, injured, beaten, arrested or forced into hiding, Pakistan’s political discourse is showing echoes of the creation of Bangladesh.Nearly half a century ago, Bengali grievances in the former East Pakistan Province resulted in the dismemberment of Pakistan and the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Since then politicians, activists, and scholars evoke the tragedy to remind the country’s powerful military not to go too far in suppressing dissent from minority ethnic groups.“Grievan…

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