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Aug 13, 2018 by James Pamment PRINT AS PDF COUNTERING DISINFORMATION: THE PUBLIC DIPLOMACY PROBLEM OF OUR TIME As scholars and practitioners of public diplomacy, we are interested in how governments, groups and individuals work together to achieve common goals. We expect those goals to improve the human condition in some way, by for example bringing different cultures together, advocating for progressive public policies or providing platforms to share ideas. We tend to call activities that we approve of  public diplomacy , and those that we don’t like  propaganda . But the fact is that both PD and propaganda draw upon the same communicative resources and techniques, which means that they share not just a history, but also a present and a future. An important distinction should be made, however. Propaganda usually involves deception, manipulation and coercion. Sources are hidden, facts are twisted, and the ability to make up one’s own mind—informed consent—is subverted. The same b

Fresh military operations underway in Kech, Balochistan

04'June 2019 (Current Balochistan) According to details received to Current Balochistan, Pakistan forces started fresh military operations in several areas of district Kech including Dumb area of Balgatar, Hoshab & Tajiban, on 4th june. According to the sources, Pakistani forces started a operation in Dumb an area of Balgatar, kech, searched houses and tortured several civilians. Another Operations were reported from Hoshab & Tajiban areas of kech, where pakistani security forces started an operation today at early morning in mountainous areas with large number of security personals, looted valuable things of houses & burned several houses to ashie, from a last report that received to us Operation is underway. Meanwhile still no news of any abduction reported yet. for more updates be await. According to a reported "A large number of Pakistan Army personals are deployed in the areas while exit and entry routes of the villages have been sealed, which indicates

The assassination of Saba Dashtiari was the attack on Baloch collective cognition.

The assassination of Saba Dashtiari was the attack on Baloch collective cognition. Khalil Baloch 04'june 2019 (Current Balochistan)   Baloch National Movement’s Chairman Khalil Baloch on the 8th martyrdom anniversary of Professor Saba Dashtiari paid richest tributes to him and stated, “the assassination of Saba Dashtiari was the attack on collective cognition of Baloch”. Its purpose was to destroy the Baloch ideological and consciousness nurture of educational institutions in the way of occupation, colonialism and colonial narrative. There is no doubt occupier suffered failure. Sir Saba is alive in the hearts of Baloch youths and till today is fulfilling his vital role to nurture consciousness in the Baloch nation.    He said, “Saba Dashtiyari was an illustrious and the bravest person among  Baloch intellectuals. Instead of making the knowledge the ornaments of cognitions and intellect of the books, he in the war of vice and virtue stood in the side of virtue and challenged t