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Belt and Road Initiative: What They're Saying

CHARLOT SALWAI Prime Minister of Vanuatu On seeking Chinese investment in development projects " We are an independent country, and we can’t [afford to] wait for grants to come. Whether through contracts or through loans we have to have money to build our infrastructure. " MARCO DONATI General Manager, COSCO Shipping Lines Italy Speaking at a conference on the Belt and Road Initiative " For COSCO, Italy is the second most important country in Europe, second only to Germany, and we are getting closer. " MATTEO SALVINI Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Answering questions on U.S. action against Huawei " China is not a democracy and has a certain spirit of imperialism and control. Italians’ sensitive data must remain in Italian hands. " DAVID PARKER Trade Minister, New Zealand On ways to deepen the bilateral relationship with China " It's clear China is using the Belt and Road umbrella to cover more initiatives than infrastructu

Malaysia welcomes Huawei, rebukes U.S. Malaysia has become the first Asian country to forcefully rebuke the United States’ position on Huawei, as  The Star Malaysia reports : Malaysia will make use of Huawei's technology as much as possible, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad told the Future of Asia conference in Tokyo, amidst ongoing trade tensions between the United States and China. "Huawei's research is far bigger than Malaysia's capability," Dr Mahathir said in the conference hosted by Nikkei. "We will make use of their technology as much as possible," he said, adding that Huawei had achieved tremendous advancement over American technology. Dr Mahathir reportedly said he was not concerned over allegations of espionage activities, because "we are an open book." Mahathir added, “‘If I am not ahead, I will ban you, I will send warships’ — that is not competition, that is making a threat.” He then also “spoke out against Beijing's military advances in

Espionage case shatters Pakistan army’s myths

Espionage case shatters Pakistan army’s myths – and the belief its nuke secrets are secure By Hussain Haqqani June 1, 2019 The court-martial of three individuals, including a recently retired three-star general, on charges of espionage and revealing classified information to foreign intelligence agencies seriously dents the charisma that helps keep Pakistan’s army in charge of the country. The fact that senior military officers spied for a foreign country suggests that Pakistan is not as safe in the hands of the men in uniform as is suggested. If, as has been learnt, the secrets shared by the convicted officers are related to Pakistan’s nuclear programme, the case would increase Pakistan’s paranoia about the security of its nuclear arsenal. Considering that the foreign intelligence service that paid for the secrets shared by the convicted officers belonged to the United States, there is a greater adversarial relationship between Pakistan and the US than is often revealed. On Thu

Amid trade tensions with America, China is showing old war films

This could be a propaganda own goal  Print edition | China May 23rd 2019 There is a lot for Americans to dislike in the Chinese propaganda film “Shangganling”. It is based on a real battle in late 1952, during which American and South Korean forces failed to take a mountain ridge from more lightly armed Chinese troops, who suffered terrible casualties. The weeks-long campaign came near the end of the Korean war of 1950-53, which began when the Stalinist regime of Kim Il Sung invaded the pro-American south and which eventually drew in millions of Chinese and unforces. Chinese schools teach that China joined the war in self-defence and was victorious. Pupils are told their countrymen showed solidarity with communist brethren in Korea while standing up to American imperialists who were bent on attacking China’s heartland. Official histories avoid the awkward question of who started the “War to Resist America and Aid Korea”, as it is known. China’s internal estimates put the Chinese d

The teacher of Freedom – Saba Dashtyari Baloch

By Mumtaz Baloch Some people are born to live for others, they just live with an aim and struggle to achieve that aim. They are obviously the greatest humans on the earth and Saba Dashtyari Baloch was one of them who made this possible to get his name written in “Golden Words” in Baloch and Balochistan’s history. His given name was Ghulam Hussain but he got fame with the name Saba Dashtyari. After his martyrdom, he was given the title “Qandeel-e-Baloch”. Qandeel is a Balochi word which means “Candle” and he was also titled as “The Teacher of Freedom” by Baloch students. Among the two very important titles ‘Qandeel’ seem more suitable because a candle burns itself to provide light to others. Similarly, Shaheed Saba proved that with his character. He burnt himself (by facing hardships and getting martyred) and by providing knowledge and awareness to others. He was born in a lower middle-class family in Maripur area of Lyari and spent his childhood in Baghdadi area of Lyari. He attai

Australia PM in Solomon Islands to build ties with eye on China

Colin Packham ,  Will Ziebell SYDNEY (Reuters) - Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived in the Solomon Islands on Sunday, the first visit by an Australian leader in more than a decade as Western nations seek to rein in China’s influence in the Pacific. Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison reacts during the APEC CEO Summit 2018 at the Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 17 November 2018. Fazry Ismail/Pool via REUTERS/Files The trip comes as the United States and its regional allies try to ensure that Pacific nations with diplomatic links to Taiwan do not severe those in favour of ties with Beijing. The Solomon Islands is one of six Pacific countries to recognise Taiwan, a policy now in question after recent elections. China views Taiwan as a renegade province with no right to state-to-state ties. Morrison flew into the capital Honiara on Sunday on his first overseas trip since winning re-election last month. He did not make any public comments on arrival, but has said the visit w

SHO, ASI martyred in ambush as operation launched in Sukkur's Shah Belo

Ubaidullah Shaikh Updated June 02, 2019 A heavy contingent of police launched an operation against outlaws in Shah Belo, a kacha area, which has seen repeat operations in the last 20 years to clear it from criminals and outlaws. — Reuters/File Two police officials were martyred and four others injured on Sunday during an exchange of fire between suspected bandits and police in the Shah Belo area of Sukkur. A heavy contingent of police launched an operation against outlaws in Shah Belo, a  kacha  area, which has seen repeat operations in the last 20 years to clear it from criminals and outlaws. The forest in the area is regarded as a sanctuary for a number of known gangs and outlaws. Sukkur Additional Inspector General (AIG) Dr Jameel Ahmed said that police were conducting an operation in Shah Belo in the jurisdiction of the Bachal Bhewo police station when hidden outlaws began firing at an armoured police van. Police then retaliated. During the exchange of fire, Lakhi Ghulam Sha