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What to Know About China's Controversial Belt and Road Initiative That's Targeting Europe

By DAVID MEYERMarch 14, 2019China’s Belt and Road initiative, which aims to build new trade routes over land and sea, may soon extend further into Europe. And it’s splitting opinion in the European Union, with some countries seeing opportunity and others seeing only Chinese expansionism.Here’s a quick guide to what Belt and Road entails, why it’s proving so divisive, and why it might be about to face one of its biggest challenges yet.What’s Belt and Road?The initiative is largely about building infrastructure in Asia, Europe and East Africa—roads and railways, ports and airports, pipelines and power plants—but it also takes in other large projects, such as educational programs and the development of industrial and special economic zones. Chinese contractors are heavily involved.It’s been underway for the last five years or so, initially under the English-language banner of “One Belt and One Road” but since 2016 as the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI.) The “belt” part refers to land ro…

2 killed, 7 injured in bomb blast in SW Pakistan

Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-14 21:17:12|ISLAMABAD, March 14 (Xinhua) -- At least two people were killed and seven others injured on Thursday in a bomb blast in Panjgur district of Pakistan's southwest Balochistan province, local reports said.According to the reports, a bomb planted in a motorcycle parked on the roadside exploded and hit the busy business street of Chitkan Bazaar in Panjgur.Police, security forces and rescue teams rushed to the site and shifted the bodies and wounded to the district hospital.Hospital officials feared that the death might rise as two of the injured were in critical condition at the intensive care unit.Police said an explosive device fixed at a motorcycle was detonated with a remote-controlled device.The blast also destroyed two vehicles and damaged six nearby shops. No group has claimed the attack yet.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – Failure Looming Ahead

March 14, 2019; By: Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retd)Editor’s NoteIs the CPEC faltering? What is the extent to which it has been pruned down already? Why are more and more countries getting apprehensive about Chinese funding? Has it got anything to do with Hambantota unfolding – the Chinese garnering a 99 years lease on the loss making huge port and logistics facility that Sri Lankans’ thought would transform the region? Instead, it would serve Chinese strategic objectives much more.
The author attempts to remove the covers that hide Chinese intent and Pakistani apprehensions. His previous articles on CPECand a few more quoted in the text of this article, provide the backdrop for the conclusions that this article projects.China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – Failure Looming AheadHalcyon DaysImage Courtesy: The NewsCPEC was to be the harbinger of change in Pakistani fortunes. It was the flagship of Chinese mega ambition – the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Well, the flag and the ship are…

ET Analysis: Game changer CPEC shapes China's 'iron brother' Pakistan policy

China is obligated under the charter of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as well as under BRICS & RIC to condemn and oppose terrorism.By Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury, ET Bureau | Mar 15, 2019, 09.05 AM ISTAgenciesThe neutral Chinese position after the Pulwama attacks had raised hopes across world capitals that Beijing may finally alter its position amid the changing geo-politics.NEW DELHI: The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) passing through PoK violating India's sovereignty has changed equation in the subcontinent, increasing Beijing's stakes in Pakistan more than ever before and compelling the Chinese leadership to overlook Islamabad's use of terror as state policy.An all-weather ally and Iron Brother – China’s strategic ties with Pakistan are getting stronger by the day and shaping Beijing's decision's to shield Pak action at the cost of lucrative Indian economy and co-member in BRICS, RIC and SCO.ADVERTISEMENT
China is obligated under the charter of th…

BNM to observe 27th March as a Black Day

Sangar NewsThe central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in his statement says that BNM will observe 27th March as Black Day. All zones of BNM in Balochistan and Germany, UK, South Korea, Australia and Greece will hold references and protests with respect to 27th March.The spokesman stated that 27th March is Black Day for Baloch nation, when newly established country Pakistan, advanced toward and occupied Balochistan with the power of military. Till that day Balochistan remains a colony of Pakistan. For that day Baloch nation identity culture and traditions fall prey to a such a state which lacked its own history and was created in purpose of safe guarding the vested interest of its Western masters.The spokesman stated that 27th March fraught with perilous impacts on Baloch nation identity, history, culture and traditions, and conscious nations would never forget the importance of such days; rather those nations observe such days with full enthusiasm. Therefore it is our prime nat…

CPEC is geo-strategic project for China: American scholar

ANI | Asia | Last Updated at March 15 2019 00:40 ISTThe multi-billion dollar China PakistanEconomic Corridor (CPEC) is a geo-strategic asset for China to strengthen its own military prowess and Pakistan will collude with the Chinese to kill every Baloch to make Balochistan and its resources safe for Chinese exploitation, according to American scholar C. Christine Fair.Speaking at a side event titled "Economic development and HR repercussions: CPEC why Balochistan bleeds?" during the 40th Session of UN Human Rights Council, Fair categorically questioned the repercussions of the CPEC project in Pakistan which has witnessed a rise in human rights violations after its launch.The China-Pakistan economic corridor has China investing over USD 60 billion. The corridor reaches out from Xinjiang to Gwadar port in Pakistan's Balochistanprovince."Pakistan is going to go greatly in debt for projects that are largely going to benefit the elite. We have no idea what the actual cos…