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The Balochistan Insurgency and the Threat to Chinese Interests in Pakistan

By:  Adnan Aamir February 15, 2019 04:02 PM Age: 16 hours Smoke rises over the PRC Consulate in Karachi after an attack by militants of the Baloch Liberation Army, November 23, 2018. (Source: Twitter) Introduction On November 23, 2018, insurgents of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked the PRC Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. The assault resulted in the deaths of seven people, including two police officers and three of the attackers ( Dawn , November 23 2018). One month after this incident, the BLA commander responsible for the attack—Aslam Baloch, alias “Achoo”—was himself killed in a suicide attack in the Afghan city of Kandahar ( Tolo News , December 26 2018). Despite the death of their leader, the BLA has vowed to continue attacks on Chinese interests in Balochistan ( Balochistan Post , December 26 2018). The BLA is one of the oldest, and arguably the largest, of at least six nationalist-separatist militant groups fighting against the Pakistani government for an indepen