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Death chambers of Balochistan

EDITORIALDaily TimesJANUARY 23, 2019When we read our constitution, we get a sense that the state does not discriminate among its citizens insofar as their right to life is concerned. The state also recognises among principles of policy promotion of social justice and economic wellbeing (sections 37 and 38) of the citizens. But when we shift our attention to the real world of people, interests, resources, and the political economy existing around their interactions, we figure that not every citizen gets to exercise their right to life, and the state continues to fail in upholding its principles of policy vis-à-vis social justice and economic wellbeing particularly for those existing on the margins of the society and the economy.The case of mine field workers in Balochistan is a reminder of this failure of our state institutions. There is provincial department of mines and minerals resources that is directly responsible for work conditions in mines. Then, there are several other provinc…

Silk Road musical experience in Vienna

Zhang Qian  16:56 UTC+8, 2019-01-22       Artists from Shanghai Conservatory of Music will present a Chinese New Year Concert tonight at the Festaal of Wiener Rathaus. Its program will offer a “Silk Road” experience in music. *Audiences will hear pieces from a 1,000-year-old manuscript discovered in Dunhuang, once a frontier garrison on the Silk Road, classic works for Chinese quintets and popular Chinese folk songs.*The concert will star baritone Liao Changyong, soprano Fang Qiong and pianist Sun Yingdi. Some of the costumes to be worn during the performance were designed based on the images in the Dunhuang frescoes. Some of the music instruments to be played at the concert were also made in the ancient style.The concert was organized by the Vienna municipal government, Dunhuang Research Academy, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the Austria-China cultural Exchange Association.

The day's top China business headlines

*🔴 Daily News Update*Today's briefsTRADE WAR
📌1. US spreads confusion over upcoming China trade visitThe White House has rejected an offer by two Chinese lower-level ministers to visit Washington later this week for preliminary talks, claiming that negotiations are still failing to progress on two key issues, the Financial Times reports.
The two vice-ministers, Wang Shouwen and Liao Min, planned to attend a series of talks in preparation for the more important visit by Liu He, who is heading the Chinese negotiation team, on January 30.
According to sources talking to the FT, a lack of progress on forced technology transfers and deeper structural reforms to the Chinese economy compelled US officials to shelve the meeting. Chief economic adviser to the president, Larry Kudlow, later clarified that the meeting with Liu was still going ahead.
Trade tensions also featured in Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s address to the World Economic Forum in Davos. After criticising “China’s state-c…

China’s Belt and Road Initiative will add US$117 billion to global trade this year, a new study shows

Euler Hermes says nations targeted by the initiative will see higher trade volumes, even if they are yet to receive any direct investment from ChinaThe trade insurer estimates that the Belt and Road Initiative resulted in US$460 billion worth of investments in the five years since its inception in 2013Finbarr BerminghamUPDATED : Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019, 12:08PM

Merchandise trade between China and the countries targeted by its “Belt and Road Initiative” is predicted to grow by US$117 billion this year, according to new analysis.For China, this will mean US$56 billion in additional exports, while it will import an extra US$61 billion worth of goods from the 80 countries named in the Chinese government’s official manifesto, research from trade credit insurer Euler Hermes shows.The report estimates that this will add 0.3 per cent to global trade and 0.1 per cent to global growth, at a time when fears are mounting about a slowdown across the world economy, but most notably in China.The belt …