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TRIVIUM CHINA: The Tip Sheet know china better

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

sign up freeHEARD IN BEIJING"We will create new and even greater miracles."
- Xi Jinping, CCP General Secretary
Some context: In his big speech on Tuesday morning, Xi said that China's development over the past 40 years is a miracle. Xi promises more miracles to come. More in the Tip Sheet below.We want to create a China watching miracle. Help us out by forwarding the Tip Sheet to friends and colleagues, who can click here to subscribe.Got thoughts on Xi's big speech? Send 'em through  we would love to hear what you think!UPDATE: There appear to have been some technical issues with the link to our Trade War Monitor (Entry 6) in the first email. They have been fixed. Apologies for overloading your inbox!THE TIP SHEETDRIVING THE DAY1. Xi takes a victory lap
Xi’s much ballyhooed and much anticipated speech to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening took place this morning at 10:40 am.The overall message: The Chinese Communist p…

Interview: Italian port official eyes business opportunities from China's Maritime Silk Road

ROME, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Eyeing business opportunities from China-proposed Maritime Silk Road, Italy's port city of Trieste is adding more features so that it could serve as the gateway to the trade route, the port chief said."We are carrying out a project that has been talked about for the past 25 years, namely, that Italy must become a logistical platform for the Mediterranean Sea," Port Authority President and Vice President of the European Sea Ports Organisation Zeno D'Agostino told Xinhua in a recent interview.Located in Italy's northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, this small city of about 200,000 inhabitants has been Italy's trade hub throughout history, and is now seeking to become the western end of the Maritime Silk Road -- a key section of the China-proposed Belt and Road for closer Eurasian connectivity.The new industrial port now features direct road and rail access so containers can be unloaded and shipped much more efficiently. It is a…

Political Legitimacy: Why We Are Failing in Afghanistan

Strategy BridgeDecember 13, 2018Thomas H. Johnson and Larry P. GoodsonPolitical legitimacy is the critical foundation for success in governance. Whatever its source, when legitimacy exists a government is secure. Max Weber famously suggested there are three sources of legitimacy—charismatic, traditional, and legal.[1] A government with a high degree of legitimacy cannot easily be challenged, but when legitimacy is low or lacking, any number of issues can undermine a government. In the absence of legitimacy, only the ability to exercise coercive power can secure the state. Niccolò Machiavelli alluded to the belief that it is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot have both.[2] Insurgency theorists and practitioners such as Mao Zedong have argued a key indicator of insurgent success is if the regime in question has 80% legitimacy in the view of its citizens.[3] A government with this level of legitimacy, which is distinct from popularity, is extremely difficult to unseat through …

Along the New Silk Road – Yiwu: The World Market

Geographical.comWritten by  Charles Stevens Published in DevelopmentYiwu Trade City (Image: Charles Stevens)In this final instalment of our monthly series of reports looking at the impact China’s BRI project is having on the local infrastructure situated along its route, explorer and China scholar Charles Stevens reaches Yiwu, the end of the line for the BRI’s most important trade routesTHE NEW SILK ROAD PROJECTCovering 10,000 miles and 18 countries The New Silk Road Project was an exploration of China’s emerging Belt and Road Initiative. Having departed from London in June 2018, it travelled along the full length of the world’s next great trade route – a nexus of power, culture and commerce that now sits at the heart of China’s foreign policy.• Get full ddetails of the project (and see its entire journey) here!In early January 2017, a locomotive pulling 34 freight cars, laden with goods, set off from Yiwu in eastern China on a 17-day journey to London. This was the first direct freig…

Anti-corruption week observed in Balochistan

The Newspaper's Staff CorrespondentUpdatedDecember 18, 2018
Programmes organised connection with the United Nations International Anti-Corruption week.QUETTA: The Anti-Corruption Establishment Balochistan has organised programmes in connection with the United Nations International Anti-Corruption week across the province.The programmes, including an awareness campaign about the negative impact of corruption on society, walks, seminars and debates, were organised at the anti-graft watchdog’s headquarters in Quetta and divisional offices in other cities, including Kalat, Sibi, Zhob and Nasirabad.Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani recently said reforms would be introduced in the Anti-Corruption Establishment for making it more effective. He applauded the robust action of the department in a case related to a dysfunctional incinerator in the Bolan Medical College.Published in Dawn, December 18th, 2018