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Getting Huawei CFO to U.S. after Canada bust may take years, Jeremy Goldkorn and Team The  arrest of Mèng Wǎnzhōu  孟晚舟, CFO of telecoms giant Huawei and daughter of the company’s founder, is still the big China story of the day. A few new things to read: Getting Huawei CFO to U.S. after Canada bust may take years  / Bloomberg (porous paywall) U.S. probe of China's Huawei includes bank fraud accusations: sources  / Reuters Noah Smith  points out on Bloomberg (porous paywall) that the Huawei case “reveals the real trade war with China”: “If the U.S. loses its lead in furniture making, big deal. The same can't be said of high tech.”

Balochistan militants exploit unease over Chinese influence

An attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi by separatists has raised more doubts over Beijing’s hopes of securing a route to the strategic port of Gwadar By KUNWAR KHULDUNE SHAHIDDECEMBER 6, 2018  Security officials cordon off an area after a bomb blast in Quetta, Baluchistan in August last year. Photo: iStock Any claims that China might have cleared Islamist militants away from its economic corridor to Pakistan were ended on November 23 when Baloch separatists attacked the Chinese embassy in Karachi. While the raid was foiled by police, it is the first time Chinese interests have been targeted by the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) outside China itself, lifting security concerns in its restive western provinces. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox Pakistan may also be unnerved by the work that went into the attack. Investigations have revealed that the three militants planned the raid for 8-10 months from hotels in Karachi’s Lyari and Sa

OPINION: STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL STATES STRATEGY FOR AFGHANISTAN — ‘MUDDLE ALONG’ Lawrence Sellin | Retired Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve   9:00 AM 12/07/2018   There is a mind-numbing consensus among U.S. military leaders, past and present, that goes a long way to explain the 17-year stalemate in Afghanistan. They are clueless and stuck on automatic pilot. Stanley McChrystal, the former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, who gives highly paid lectures on “Lessons of Leadership,“  recommended  to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that we continue to “muddle along” in Afghanistan. When asked what should be done, McChrystal  responded : I don’t know. I wish I did … If we pull out and people like al-Qaeda go back, it’s unacceptable for any political administration in the [United States]. It would just be disastrous, and it would be a pain for us. If we put more troops in there and we fight forever, that’s not a good outcome either. I’m not sure what [is] the right answer. My best suggestion is t

Chinese Language compulsory in Balochistan

  It refers to the news report about the decision of Balochistan’s Government for making the Chinese language as a compulsory subject up to matriculation level in the province. The step is appreciable to add the language but it should be noticed that in Balochistan why our own language is neglected and not being read as a subject in our region? This is the sign of being dependent on others while we are losing our own identities in the country. Firstly, the Balochi language should be read in the province then making others languages to be read. The government of Pakistan and Balochistan need to take serious step on this issue to save Balochi language in Balochistan. READ MORE:  Toll tax exemption for public representatives eliminated: Murad Saeed S.P BALOCH, Turbat, November