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Silk Road Headlines

Clingendale Institute
31 October 2018Source: Louis Vest/flickr Despite assurances by China’s leaders that the Belt and Road Initiative is not driven by geopolitical motives, BRI does have major geopolitical significance. The influence that China gains through BRI is increasingly viewed in relation to great power politics. Ian Bremmer, the president of Eurasia Group, believes that in the next five to ten years the global market will be split into a US-led and a China-led part [US And China Going Their Separate Economic, Political Ways: Experts]. According to him, Japan and Europe will side with the US, while emerging economies that rely on Chinese investment will align with China. In this view, the BRI is a major tool for Beijing to draw non-Western countries into its orbit. So while the economic rise of China has triggered an intensifying geopolitical competition with the US, the Belt and Road Initiative – equally a consequence of China’s economic rise - is increasingly perceived as a…

English, Chinese, and science

AXIOS.COM British scientist Michael Faraday addresses the Royal Institution in London in 1855, in a painting by Alexander Blaikley. Photo: Rischgitz/GettyFor centuries, science was a multilingual affair, powered by French, German, English and other tongues. But since the early 1970s, English has become the undisputed lingua franca of scientific papers, conferences, and discourse.Writes Axios' Kaveh Waddell:English-speaking countries now have a huge leg up in technical research, including the current rages — artificial intelligence and quantum computing.But, while English is highly unlikely to be dethroned, its advantages are eroding.This is due to an increasinglyhealthy research environment in China, the fast transmission of research papers across the internet, and AI-aided translation technology that's shrinking the language barrier.Background: Speaking English isn’t optional for scientists, especially leading-edge computer science researchers.Jacqueline Le Moigne, assistant …

Trump and Xi to meet at the G-20

AXIOS , Bill Bishop Photo: Xinhua/Li Tao via Getty ImagesTrump and Xi had a phone call Thursday and look to have confirmed a meeting at the end of the month.The South China Morning Post says it will be a "meeting plus dinner," and Bloomberg says that Trump has asked his cabinet to draft a possible trade deal with China."Trump asked key cabinet secretaries to have their staff draw up a potential deal to signal a ceasefire in an escalating trade conflict, the people said, adding that multiple agencies are involved in the drafting of the plan. It was unclear if Trump was easing up on U.S. demands that China has resisted," Bloomberg reported.By the numbers:Markets and the RMB liked the news of talks, as the currency had its biggest two-day gain since 2007. Hong Kong surged more than 4% and Shanghai went up more than 2.5%.Meanwhilethe US trade deficit with China rose to a monthly record high in September:"The Commerce Department said on Friday the trade gap incre…