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Interview: China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunities for South Pacific island nations: Samoan PM

by Zhang Yongxing SUVA, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative is opening a vast market and providing opportunities of development for the world, particular for the South Pacific region's small island nations including Samoa, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi of Samoa has said. "The Belt and Road Initiative is opening a vast market and bringing lots of opportunities for the world, particular for the small countries like Samoa in the South Pacific region in this difficult times and challenges posed by climate change," Tuilaepa said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua. In his family study in Apia, capital of Samoa, Tuilaepa, who just wrapped up a China trip for the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, told Xinhua that the initiative has a positive effect on promoting trade, tourism and culture, and that is why his country inked with China a memorandum of understanding (MoU) of cooperation for the initiative, aiming to strengthen the win-

PPAF holds moot for local support bodies in Balochistan

QUETTA: The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) held a conference to empower local support organisations (LSOs) to strengthen socioeconomic development through Tabeer-o-Tameer Fund initiative. The aim of the conference was to develop strong linkages between duty bearers and community institutions in Balochistan, a statement said on Saturday. The Tabeer-o-Tameer Fund supports the development of community driven institutions through consistent financial and technical support for sustainable development. The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund Institution, Innovation and Integration General Manager Tahir Malik highlighted the opportunities that the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund’s Tabeer-o-Tameer Fund offers to help strengthen local communities at the grassroots. The local support organisations representatives shared the progress and development plan with the provincial administration for sustainable development in their respective areas. Balochistan Education Secretary Noor U

China says will 'take care of' debt issues of 'Belt and Road' projects, respects Malaysia pull-out

By Reuters | Oct 13, 2018, 12.50 PM IST But the initiative has been met with growing scepticism as some countries, such as Sri Lanka, became saddled with debt that they had difficulty in repaying. China's vice finance minister Zou Jiayi on Saturday acknowledged debt issues with some of its 'Belt and Road' projects, saying the government will strengthen macro-supervision on the debt sustainability aspect of its overseas investments. China  has been promoting an ambitious Belt and Road initiative since 2013, as President  Xi Jinping  expands trade corridors along a modern-day Silk Road linking Asia, Europe and Africa, pumping credit into building roads, railways and ports in a trillion-dollar infrastructure initiative. " The debt sustainability issue of Belt and Road (projects) is a complicated issue, but we will take care of it," Zou told a panel on the sidelines of annual  International Monetary Fund  and  World Bank  meetings in the Indonesian island of Bali

Save Baluchi Language

✔ 3 per cent of Pakistanis speak Baluchi ✔  Esitmted 3,150 languages  face doubts about their long-term survival. That’s nearly half of the estimated 7,000 languages spoken around the world. ✔  According to linguist David Crystal, languages are now going extinct at a rate of one roughly every three months ✔  A total 6912 languages are spoken in the world while 516 have been declared dead languages. However, 36 per cent of the languages are endangered to die soon due to globalization, the research added. ✔ Around 27 languages spoken in Northern Areas, Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and surrounding border areas of Pakistan are facing extinction , said a Unesco report. ✔ None of the countries in which Balochi is spoken have given it official status or use it in their educational systems. Even though Balochi is the primary language of Balochistan, it is not taught in schools due to lack of teachers, lack of parental support (most parents want their children to learn Urdu, Persian, or