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Pakistan takes CPEC to Cairo

CAIRO: Federal ministers, senior government and defence officials, leaders of central banks and principal commercial entities, business and sectoral heads, investors, policymakers and opinion formers from Pakistan, Egypt, China and Europe have gathered in Cairo to discuss ways and means to create partnerships and maximise gains from the trillion-dollar projects that form the core corpus of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Belt & Road Initiative, set in motion by the Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. The four-day CPEC-BRI Cairo Dialogue and Trade Summit, a brainchild of Islamabad-based South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI), hopes to create a novel informal platform for continued conversation for future cooperation between countries in Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Linking the historic maritime trade routes through the Suez Canal to new markets via the emerging Gwadar Gateway is a unique prospect that promises progress and prosperity to mi

3 tribesmen killed, 2 injured by unknown attackers in Balochistan

Syed Ali Shah September 23, 2018 Three men were killed and two injured after unidentified armed men attacked the camp of a pro-government tribal militia in the Dasht Goran area of Balochistan's Dera Bugti district on Sunday, Levies sources told  DawnNewsTV . The attack was carried out at 3am, after which the assailants fled the scene, security forces said. The dead were identified as Tahir Shambani, Ghulam Sharif Shambani and Pir Bakhsh Shambani, while Rezakh Shambani and Hafizullah Shambani were injured. The victims belong to the Shambani tribe. The attack was strongly condemned by former home minister Sarfaraz Bugti, who demanded that the culprits be caught at the earliest. A search operation has been launched to find the miscreants.

Riyadh and CPEC

Daily Times, Editorial Daily Times SEPTEMBER 23, 2018 Prime Minister Imran Khan’s trip to the Middle East appears to have been worth the squeeze. For the Saudis are now committed to investing at least $10 billion in this country as Riyadhreadies to become the third CPEC partner. A turn of events that affords a better understanding of why the COAS was in Beijing at this time. Details of the agreement are expected next month when a Saudi delegation is due to head this way. And since the PM has thus far been a little coy on the question of the $4 billion soft loanthat he had reportedly been seeking from the Kingdom — this has given way to speculation that the latter will invest in infrastructure projects, including Gwadar, rather than go for an all-out cash bailout. Thus Riyadh’s inclusion into the Corridor looks good. On paper, at any rate. Though Islamabad needs to honestly clarify its unequivocal pledge to support Saudi Arabia strategically. Not least because there remain concerns