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Saudi Arabia ‘to invest $10bn’ in China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Riyadh to become third strategic partner in CPEC as Islamabad takes Beijing into confidence over an 'Oil City' in GwadarCPECby Dawood Rehman | Published on September 20, 2018 (Edited September 21, 2018)🔗
LAHORE – The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is set to get a major push as Saudi Arabia has agreed to join the multi-billion-dollar project with a US$10 billion investment.With the Islamic Kingdom joining the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of the Chinese government, the major stakeholders – Islamabad and Beijing – will speed up the efforts to complete projects as soon as possible.Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Central Deputy Secretary General Usman Dar took to Twitter to announce that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has struck $10 billion deal with Saudi Arabia.Reports in media suggest Saudia Arabia is going to turn Gawadar – a key port in southwestern Balochistan province – into an oil city, which was part of an agreed plan with China. Before striking an agreement …

Is China’s infrastructure boom past its peak?

A sharp slowdown in investment this year points to a more subdued future Print edition | ChinaSep 20th 2018| NANTONGCHINA does not do infrastructure by half measures. It has the world’s longest networks of motorway and high-speed rail (which Hong Kong joins on September 23rd, see article). It has the tallest bridge as well as the longest. It is building nearly ten airports a year, more than any other country. It has the most powerful hydroelectric dam, the biggest wind farm and as much coal power as the rest of the world combined.But the infrastructure boom has lost steam this year. After expanding at a double-digit pace for much of the past three decades, investment in it has slowed sharply. Since May spending on projects ranging from railways to power plants has fallen compared with a year earlier, the longest weak patch on record.
The question is whether this is a blip or a fundamental change. Some analysts argue that the decline in spending is only short-term, related to the gover…

Pakistan raises treatment of Uyghurs with China

The Nation, a respected Pakistani newspaper, has this noteworthy report:Pakistan has demanded China to soften restrictions on Chinese Muslims living in Xinjiang province. Federal Minister Pir Noorul Haq Qadri while meeting Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing said that strict regulations and laws fuel extremism and in order to curb intolerance and promote religious harmony China should deal with patience.The minister proposed that Pakistani religious scholars can visit the troubled region and can play their role in ending extremist ideology and promote moderate thinking.The Chinese ambassador promised that his government will soon facilitate Pakistani delegation of religious scholars to visit Xinjiang province.

The article also notes that earlier this year, the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly “through a unanimous resolution urged the federal government to take urgent steps for the release of over 50 Chinese wives of Gilgit-Baltistan men detained in Xinjiang.”This would seem t…

TRIVIUM CHINA: The Tip Sheet China, Know China Better

TRIVIUM CHINAHEARD IN BEIJING"Taking a unilateralist approach will not solve any problems."
- Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier
Some context: That’s what Li said in his speech at the WEF on Wednesday. He was condemning America’s approach to the trade war. Li also touched on a lot of other economic topics that we run down in the Tip Sheet below. It's aunique take today, drilling down into what we saw as an important speech by Li, which is a rare occurrence. Help your friends and colleagues stay on top of all the important China topics. Forward today’s Tip Sheet and tell them they can click here to subscribe.As always – keep the great comments coming. 
THE TIP SHEETDRIVING THE DAY1. Li Keqiang condemns protectionismYou may not have heard…but China is in a trade war with the US. And it’s a war that China would rather not fight.That’s the context in which Li Keqiang addressed assembled foreign officials and businessmenat the World Economic Forum’s summer meeting in Tianjin on Wednesd…

UN must act tough against Pak to protect rights of Baloch people`

Baloch activists in Geneva

By Ravi Khandelwal (ANI) | Updated: Sep 19, 2018 05:04 ISTGeneva [Switzerland], September 19 (ANI): Human rights activists from Balochistan have asked the United Nations to act tough against Pakistan to protect the rights and lives of the Baloch people.
Speaking after the side event on Human Rights in Pakistan co-organised by Baloch Voice Association during the 39th Session of UN Human Rights Council, a prominent Baloch activist, Mama Qadeer Baloch said, "People in Balochistan are being targetted because they are opposing CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor). They are demanding Pakistan to leave their occupied territory, which they are not agreeing with. It is because Pakistan's survival depends on Balochistan's resources. There is nothing in Punjab. Pakistan is exploiting resources from Balochistan and also sharing it with China."
"In Saidak, there are gold and copper reserves and its 90 per cent share will be taken by Punjab, 8 per …

Kharan: Baloch women forcibly taken to military camps

Sangar NewsA mother and her three daughters were forcibly taken to a military camp today in Kharan.Pakistani security forces raided a house in MazarZai, Kharan and detained a mother and her three daughters. They were later taken to a military camp.The house raided belonged to a person named Haji Maula Baksh, and the detainees were identified as his wife and three daughters.The women taken to the military camps today were detained for four hours and then released. According to some sources, they were subjected to torture during detention, however, this could not be verified from independent sources.

MERICS: China Update 14/2018

September 7-20, 2018
Click here to download the MERICS China Update 14/2018 as PDF.Subscribe to our publications free of charge.METRIX30 million USD is the minimum net-worth of an ultra-rich person. Globally, over 250,000 people belong to the “ultra-high net-worth” category. Over 10,000 people within this privileged group reside in Hong Kong today. A new report by Wealth-X explains the drastic increase of 31 percent compared to the last year with the significant increase of property values. Hong Kong has officially surpassed New York City as the city with the highest number of ultra-rich residents. Among the world’s wealthiest cities are Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.TOPIC OF THE WEEK: US-CHINA TRADE WARAerial view of a new container terminal at Nantong Port, Jiangsu province. Image by ImagineChinaUS-China trade war escalates to dangerous levelThe trade war between the United States and China has escalated to a new level. On September 17, US President Donald Trump announced his…

Pictures of the Day: Baloch women in UN