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Notorious BAP leader Siraj Raisani killed in bomb attack

July 13, 2018A bomb attack near Mastung has killed notorious leader of Balochistan Awami Party BAP, Siraj Raisani.According to details received by The Balochistan Post, Siraj Raisani and at least 20 others were killed near Derangarh near Mastung, when their campaign meeting was targeted with a bomb on Friday.Reportedly Siraj Raisani’s 14-year-old son has also been killed in the attack, however this could not be verified from independent sources.More than 30 people have also received injuries in the attack.Siraj Raisani was moved to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in critically injured condition after the attack. However, he succumbed to his injuries.Local administration has also confirmed death of Siraj Raisani in, what they called, a ‘suicide attack’.Siraj Raisani joined Balochistan Awami Party only few days ago. He was a candidate of provincial assembly from Mastung in upcoming general elections.Siraj Raisani, brother of former CM Aslam Raisani, previously headed notorious Balochis…

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the ground

MASHKEYToday Occupying army started a military operation in Meri kour, Zamzil kour, and other rural areas  , Where pakistani army annoyed civilians and looted Useful meterials of houses

PANJGURPrevious night unknown man continously fired on office of BNP(Awami) Due to that the office was completely destroyed ,
On the other hand entire armed forces of Baloch have boycotted the Elections and warned entire candidates of elections to not take part in it.
PANJGUROn 1st of june 2018 pakistani army abducted two brothers from  paroom ,a area of panjgur ,Namely Farooq and Naseem S/O haji karim,, According to new updates they both were released and reached their home.

AWARANToday pakistani army started a military operation in perandar,awaran , Where occupying army abducted Two civilians ,Namely Fazal S/O Wahid baksh and Ismail S/O pathan .

PANJGURUnknown man successfully burnt the office of BAP in garmagan ,area of panjgur , According…

Fear and loathing on the New Silk Road: Chinese security in Afghanistan and beyond

Policy BriefAngela Stanzel 
@angela_stanzelSUMMARYChina’s focus in Afghanistan is moving away from development projects and towards the containment of perceived security threats. Europeans do not yet fully understand China’s new approach, seen in its patrols of the Wakhan Corridor – in what it calls a “joint counter-terrorism operations” with Kabul – and other security initiatives involving Afghanistan.It remains unclear whether China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is still a purely development-focused operation, or whether there is a planned and profound long-term shift in Chinese security priorities. So far, Beijing’s most substantive engagement with Afghanistan has been in border control efforts designed to prevent terrorists from entering China. In addition, “a similar pattern has emerged in Central Asia: China is working to deepen its cooperation with countries in the region by largely concentrating on measures to combat terrorist groups and other threats. Although Beijing rarel…