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Current Balochistan: Conflict Updates from the Ground

MAND:-Pakistani military forces conducted a military operation in Gawak, violent military personnels torturing women & children, looting houses. Be await for further reports.

PANJGUR:-Today at early morning pakistani military forces conducted a military operation in Kil'Kour Kadagi Bedari Bazar, violent military personnel tortured women & children, looted houses. For more reports be await
KECH:-Last night in Tijaban Sing'Abad, pakistani military forces raided houses of a Baloch civlian, violent military personnel tortured women & children & abducted a baloch civilian namely Sanaullah R/o Dil'Vsh Tijaban Singabad.

KECH:-Baloch freedom fighter have attcked pakistani army picket security in Gowarkop Seerag River, which resulted casualties & losses to pakistani army.

KECH:-Pakistani military forces conducted a military operation in Gwarkop, violent military personnel tortured women & children, looted house…

Bottlenecks on the Silk Road as Chinese freight hits Europe

1China's leader Xi JinpingAndrius Sytas
When cargo trains from China began arriving at the Polish border town of Malaszewicze almost a decade ago, they were a novelty - able to ship laptops and cars to Europe in as little as two weeks - but with just one service a month.However, a surge in the number of trains over the past year, fuelled by Beijing's plans to grow trade along the ancient Silk Road, has left authorities scrambling to meet demand that has ballooned to as many as 200 trains a month. Rail shipments have experienced delays of over 10 days, bogged down by insufficient infrastructure and paperwork pileups, shippers say. Congestion is anticipated to worsen as China encourage a further ramp up in volumes.The situation shows how China's Belt and Road initiative is delivering, but also that some partners are struggling to keep up.The rail network, used by companies like Hewlett Packard, sports gear company Decathlon and car-maker Volvo, handled 3,673 trips between Chi…

China and Bangladesh to enhance cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative

CGTN‍Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan met with Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali in Beijing on Friday, calling on the two countries to enhance cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.Wang said China and Bangladesh are friendly neighbors and the two countries share similar development aspirations and have similarly aligned national dreams.He said the strategic partnership of cooperation established by leaders of the two countries has provided new opportunities for enhancing mutual understanding, cementing mutual trust, realizing common development and win-win results between the two countries.‍Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan met with Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali in Beijing, June 29, 2018. /Photo via CCTVPeace and development, economic globalization, and construction of a community with a shared future for mankind are irreversible trends, Wang said.China-Bangladesh relations are an example of China's neighborhood diplomacy of am…

Interview: Belt & Road Initiative to create better trade routes, says U.S. expert

NEW YORK, June 29 (Xinhua) -- China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is bringing plenty of excitement to Southeast Asia, a U.S. expert told Xinhua in a recent interview.
Will Doig, an urban development journalist and author of High-Speed Empire: Chinese Expansion and the Future of Southeast Asia, made the remarks on the sideline of a recent event -- "Belt and Road: Why the Chinese Model Is Winning in South and Southeast Asia" held by the Chinese Institute in New York City.UNIQUE WAYThe BRI is more than just an infrastructure plan, Doig said, it is a comprehensive strategy that includes "hardware" as well as "software."The BRI is a development strategy including the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, focused on increasing development and connectivity between regions and proposed by the Chinese government in 2013."It's about making borders between countries more permeable, creating better trade routes and creating m…

Turkey sees a sudden spike in Chinese investments through ‘Belt and Road Initiative’

The Golden Bridge on the Silk Road by Artist Shuyong was set up ahead of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing last year in May.Strengthening Turkish-Chinese economic ties have been observed in the increasing number of Chinese firms investing in Turkish energy, infrastructure, finance, tourism, and e-commerce sectors as their number hit nearly 1,000Chinese firms that have been operating in Turkey's logistics, electronics, energy, tourism, finance and real estate sectors are expanding their businesses in the country. With the entry of Bank of China and Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the flow of Chinese companies into Turkey has accelerated and also expanded into the e-commerce sector in the recent period.The world's second largest trader, China invests $120 billion annually in various countries across the world and Turkey has been enjoying China's overseas investments in the recent decade.Accordingly, the number of Chinese firms operating in Tur…

Free Balochistan Movement's international campaigns end

Berlin [Germany]/ London [United Kingdom], June 29 (ANI): The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) has concluded its "successful" international campaigns in different cities of EuropeAmerica and Canada on Thursday.The FBM announced in early Junethat it will organise different events to commemorate the 'InternationalDay in Support of Torture Victims' on June 26.
The FBM started the first phase of its sit-in protest in London outside the Chinese Embassy on June 24 which continued till June 26. The protesters distributed thousands of leaflets to passerby and explained China's evils and expansionist designs in Balochistan.The Chinese Embassy in Londontried to mislead the British police into believing that the current Baloch nationalflag is only used by an armed resistance organisation.The FBM activists, however explained it to the police that the flag is widely used in Balochistan and abroad as the nationalflag of Balochistan and it doesn't belong to a single armed …