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New insights into China’s Maritime Silk Road

It is a concept which could boost global seaborne trade by assisting economic progress in many countries. China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road has attracted great interest internationally, intensified by other possible impacts of the plan. During the past twelve months there has been progress, as well as setbacks, and the main features have become clearer.Together with its land-route counterpart the Silk Road Economic Belt, the Maritime Silk Road forms part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI), formerly referred to as One Belt One Road. This grand project has huge economic and strategic implications for the numerous countries involved. Just over a year ago interest was amplified by a conference of nations and organisations, hosted in Beijing by the Chinese government to explain and discuss the B&RI and encourage involvement. Since then there have been many news items about various aspects.Assisting evaluation of the continuing process, two new analyses were published …

China juggernaut is beating the West to SA’s bounties

12 JUNE 2018 - 05:06 MARK ALLIXObed Bapela. Picture: GCIS 
Image:Western governments and companies would be wise to increase their investments in SA as China moves fast to secure markets in Africa’s most sophisticated economy.This is according to Deputy Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Obed Bapela, who was speaking on Friday on the sidelines of a China-Africa industrial co-operation forum held in Pretoria.China’s ambassador to SA, Lin Songtian, says the Asian giant has become Africa’s most reliable development partner, investing $100bn in roads, railways, ports, bridges, power plants and schools in 2017.In 2017 bilateral trade between SA and China amounted to more than R318bn, making China the country’s largest single trading partner.The forum came as China is deepening its involvement in Africa’s economic development, as part of the country’s global One Belt One Road initiative to re-establish Silk Road trade routes by land and sea.There were also governan…

Balochistan water woes

Water scarcity and low rainfall in the far-flung areas of Balochistan have contaminated water sources, particularly in the Awaran District, leading to water borne diseases and deaths. Six people died within four days after drinking contaminated water in District Awaran of Balochistan. Commissioner Kalat Division Muhammad Hashim Ghilzai said that 120 patients were being treated at the Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital. The unfortunate incident occurred in Tranchik, a village on the outskirts of Awaran, where people drank contaminated water present in a pothole on May 16.In order to provide aid to the people, the Pakistan Army conducted a special relief and rescue operation in epidemic affected far-flung areas of Awaran on the request of Government of Balochistan. According to Inter-Services Public Relations, special Army medical teams with adequate medicines reached Awaran and treated the patients and a special helicopter was used to evacuate a large number of critical patients of gastro disea…

'CPEC is not a gift': Professor Jia Yu at the CPEC 2018 Summit

By Dr. Jia YuPakistan should not take CPEC for granted, writes Dr. Jia Yu. Both public and private sectors must take ownership of the opportunities.

THE economic relations between the two countries have been phenomenal, especially since the turn of the century. Early economic cooperation was based on political and security interests, like Karakoram Highway, nuclear capability, arms trade etc. Also, it was focussed on energy and mining, but there is now a need for diversification. Pakistan has to take advantage of China’s rise on the global scene. There is a tendency towards having even better economic relations based on market forces and there is a lot of under-exploited potential.When it comes to win-win cooperation, of course there is a lot at stake for both countries. Pakistan’s interests lie in promoting growth, private sector investment, employment, exports, technology and transfer of skills as well as in the relocation of Chinese firms. China’s interests lie in overseas productio…

Belt and Road provides landlocked Mongolia with chance to grow

Better infrastructure and trade hold opportunities, ex-PM saysAKIHIDE ANZAI, Nikkei staff writerJune 11, 2018 20:29 JSTSukhbaatar Batbold, a former Mongolian prime minister, speaks to the Nikkei Asian Review in Tokyo on June 11. (Photo by Hiroyuki Kobayashi) TOKYO -- China's Belt and Road initiative could play an important role in accelerating Mongolia's economic growth by improving regional infrastructure, trade and investment, former Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold said in an interview on Monday."The initiative possibly provides Mongolia with economic opportunities that could to a certain extent offset the disadvantages associated with the lack of Mongolia's access to the sea," Batbold said on the sidelines of the Future of Asia conference here.The Mongolian government is working to build the trilateral Mongolia-Russia-China economic corridor, which includes 32 projects such as modernizing Mongolian railroads and highways to Russia and China.The government is…

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from ground

QUETTA:-▶On 13th November 2017 Pakistani army abducted  Lateef S/O Huda Baksh from Quetta, In a recent update Lateef was released on 11th of June from Quetta military camp.

UTHAL:-▶On 10th of September Pakistani amry abducted Nordeen S/O Ali Baksh R/O Kolwa, Hakeem S/O Durr Mohammd R/O kolwa, on 11th of June They were released from Uthal.
GWADAR:-▶On 31'May from karachi Malir Pakistani Army abducted Qazi Jan S/o Mohmad R/o Gwadar, He has been released Today from Gwadar Army Camp & Returned to his home.

TUMP:-▶Before A month ago from Malant Pakistani Army abducted Shankar Gung R/o Paroom Panjgur, He was released last night & Returned to his home.

KECH:-▶On 22'Dec 2017 from Balgatar Kellkor Sar'Gaddagi During a military operation Pakistani Army abducted Tariq S/o Haji R/o Kellkor Sar'Gaddagi, He has been released today & Returned to his home.
KECH:-▶In Mehnaz Buleda Pakistani army abducted Sagheer S/O B…

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Three Years On

Photo Credit: AFPBY ALVIN CHENG-HIN LIMIn the year since Jian Han, the Political and Press Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, announced the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as having “entered the stage of fast-track implementation … with early-harvest projects reaching fruition,” several of these early-harvest projects have indeed been completed and delivered to the public. In view of the completion of this initial batch of projects just three years after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s announcement of CPEC, experts such as Zhou Rong, a senior researcher from Renmin University, have assessed the development of CPEC as having proceeded “faster than expected” (Lim, 2017b, p. 5).The early-harvest CPEC projects which have begun operation include several power plants which have helped to relieve “electricity shortages in major industrial cities, which also made those areas much more competitive than previously.” These include the Neelum–Jhelum Hydropower Plant, whose first…

PAKISTAN: Enforced Disappearances in Sindh province must be stopped

JUNE 11, 2018Statement issued by the International Human Rights CouncilIn recent months there has been a resurgence of enforced disappearances throughout Sindh. Since February 2017, more than 160 people have gone missing and their whereabouts remain unknown. Since 2010 over 1200 cases of missing persons in Sindh province have been reported.During 2012-2014, a wave of disappearances targeted numerous Sindhi young men, almost all of whom were political and human rights activists and journalists. Almost all of the eyewitnesses to these disappearances have indicated that the perpetrators seem to be official security personnel – ISI, MI, Rangers, and police.As is the norm the authorities are not ready to register cases against the Law Enforcement Agency officials. Many of these cases have been registered at the High Court, but the judiciary remains reluctant to take any meaningful action. Those who raise their voices for the release of missing persons are themselves threatened with dire co…

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from ground

KECH:-▶In recent morning occupying states army abducted a 14 Years old child Liaqat S/o Basham  in "koh e muraad"(A holy place, where Baloch workship),  Liaqat is from Kolwa, Awaran.
TUMP:-▶Today in Gomazi a area of Tump, Kech, baloch freedom fighters attacked and destroyed the house of upcoming elections candidate Mir Asghar Rind the,Mir Asghar Rind Acts for BNP Awami.
KECH:-▶Baloch freedom fighters attacked on convey of Hammal in nasirabad, kech,  Hammal works for BNP Mengal,Baloch freedom fighters had always made an effort to convince him , Once again they threatened him and instructed him to not act with Pakistan and this so called elections Baloch national leader Dr allah nizar baloch has tweeted that we will boycot this so called election and we won't let anyone to be part of it  And many of other organizations including BNM, BRSO, and BSO will boycot upcoming elections, has Baloch did it in 2013 ,where just …

Chatham House Experts on the Singapore Summit

Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Head, US and the Americas Programme; Dean, Queen Elizabeth II Academy"Even those most sceptical of President Trump’s foreign policy have given him some credit for persuading China to take sanctions more seriously and getting North Korea to actively engage on the question of denuclearisation.   But agreeing to meet with the leader of North Korea absent a clear negotiating strategy is short-sighted and removes a key bargaining chip (a meeting with the US President) without requiring anything in exchange.  Expert opinion remains skeptical that North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons programme, but the Trump administration does not appear to have a Plan B, one that takes seriously a strategy of deterrence and containment."      Dr John Nilsson-Wright, Senior Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme"For key US allies in East Asia, the Trump-Kim summit raises critical questions about the strength and reliability of the US as a senior partner, and spec…