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90 mutilated bodies found in Balochistan in 2017: HRCP

PHOTO: FILEQUETTA: At least 90 mutilated bodies were found while 545 people were extra-judicially killed in Balochistan in 2017, HRCP spokesperson says.
A delegation of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) expressed concern over the human rights abuses in Balochisan during a press conference at the Quetta Press Club on Sunday, a day after the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) registered its concerns over the grave issue.NCHR concerned over burgeoning rights violations in BalochistanHRCP spokesman IA Rehman was flanked by Advocate Zahoor Shahwani, Mona Baig and others.
Addressing the press conference, HRCP spokesperson said, “At least 350 cases of violence against women were reported across the province but the figure could be higher as in remote areas of Balochistan people and suppressed women refuse to lodge FIRs against culprits under tribal pressure.
“Fortunately the provincial government has introduced a new legislation and approved new laws for the protection …

CPEC 2018 Summit: Pakistan to be the new BRI benchmark

By Yao JingAs China marks 40 years of sustained progress, China's Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing reaffirms Pakistan's pivotal role in furthering regional cooperation.IT was an honour and a pleasure to be present at the CPEC Summit held in Karachi. On behalf of the Chinese Government, I would like to appreciate the Pakistani Government, the Sindh Government as well as the other provincial governments and all the scopes of the society of Pakistan for sharing this kind of enthusiasm, sharing this kind of participation of the Sino-Pak cooperation and friendship in the wake of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).Today, as the Ambassador to Pakistan, I would like to elaborate some views from the Chinese side, how China looks at the relationship with Pakistan and how China looks at that cooperation with Pakistan. As we are well aware, the year 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s policy of opening up and the process of reforms.In China, all the leaders, the government officials, i…

BNC strongly condemn Pakistan’s nuclear tests, conducted in Occupied Balochistan.

WASHINGTON, D.C — Balochistan National Congress (BNC), a U.S based Baloch body, strongly condemn Pakistan’s nuclear tests that were conducted on May 28, 1998, in occupied Balochistan.On May 28, 1998, Pakistan conducted it's five simultaneous underground nuclear test in at Ras Koh Hills in the Chagai District of occupied Balochistan against the Baloch citizen’s will and mandate, a crime against humanity and against all international laws.

Due to the after effects of that nuclear tests, thousand local Baloch population suffered due to diseases, such as blood cancer and birth defects, caused by the spread of radiations in the air and their lives were shattered. The underground water resources were disappeared and thousand Baloch citizens lost their live stocks and livelihood, and were forced to leave their homes and were displaced without any compensation. 

“Pakistan should be held accountable for that crime against the Baloch people and th…