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How China is trying to impose Islam with Chinese characteristics in the Hui Muslim heartland

Islamic domes and signs in Arabic are being pulled down and no new ‘Arab style’ mosques can be built under campaign that has Hui communities worried Nectar Gan UPDATED : Monday, 14 May 2018, 9:11AM  18 Every Friday, the Nanguan Grand Mosque springs to life as local Hui Muslims from Yinchuan, capital of their official heartland, gather for the most important prayer of the week.  Just after midday, men in white prayer caps file into the mosque and disappear behind a gate adorned with gold Islamic motifs and three green domes, each topped with a silver crescent moon that gleams in the sun. It was one of the country’s first Middle Eastern-style mosques, built in 1981 to replace a Chinese one that fell victim to the Cultural Revolution – a decade of mayhem from 1966 that saw thousands of temples, churches, mosques and monasteries defaced or destroyed across the country.  But now, its onion-shaped domes, elaborate motifs and Arabic script could be next in the cross hairs of a governmen


BY  COCO LIU 14 MAY 2018 Fears that multibillion-dollar deals between China and Malaysia may no longer have a friend at the top may be premature – after all, the new prime minister has 134 billion reasons to maintain the status quo  2 Malaysia’s newly elected Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad after Friday prayers in Kuala Lumpur. Photo: AP For years, Chinese and Malaysian officials have cheered their ambitious economic collaborations. But for now, at least, it seems the cheering is over. Mahathir Mohamad, often a vocal critic of Chinese investment deals while outside the circle of power, now sits in the centre of it as the new prime minister. Now all eyes are on how he will walk the talk. The 92-year-old politician, who last week defied the odds to unseat Najib Razak in the general election, has already said he will be re-examining all China-linked projects in the country, ringing early alarm bells for jittery analysts and economists. While many view his victory as a threat to C

China and re-globalisation: Strategies for Africa

Re-Globalisation involves the reform, upgrading, expansion and transformation of globalisation to make it more inclusive and balanced. The objective is to restore legitimacy, embed certainty and entrench sustainability. China, the second biggest economy in the world, is the key engine of re-globalisation, through such initiatives as the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB), New Development Bank (NDB), the Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICS) framework, and its huge corporates such as Ali Baba. A key part of China’s re-globalisation strategy is the “one belt, one road initiative” which was renamed the belt road initiative (BRI) in 2016. By Arthur Mutambara Initially, the BRI was conceived as a development strategy focusing on connectivity and co-operation between Eurasian countries, primarily China, the land-based silk road economic belt (SREB) and the ocean-going maritime silk road (MSR). The BRI has now been expanded to become China’s grand strategy to the world, incl

China trade agreement upgrade to reflect modern trading relationship: PM

Anuja Nadkarni 14:48, May 14 2018 Trade Minister David Parker says trade tensions and growing protectionism had made it a difficult period for New Zealand to navigate global trade. Trade Minister David Parker is hoping for "quick and substantial progress" in negotiations for an upgrade to New Zealand and China's Free Trade Agreement. Parker said the 10-year-old FTA with China would receive an update in "coming weeks". An area of concern that would be discussed in the FTA upgrade was e-commerce and border security compliance. He told a room of businesspeople that New Zealand was suffering more biosecurity issues, such as  Mycoplasma   bovis , because border security arrangements had not moved on to reflect peer-to-peer importing through e-commerce. READ MORE: *  Kiwis looking for China deal upgrade *  Farmers told to step up biosecurity plans to stop cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis spreading *  Budget 2018: 'Pacific reset' will increase foreign

The New Silk Road: How China is expanding its influence in the region

One Belt, One Road offers economic opportunities for those in its path - but not without geopolitical implications By Dr. Mona S. AlMunajjed Fri 11 May 2018 03:31 PM Globalisation is hardly a novel idea; 2,000 years ago merchants traded goods along a network of routes that grew organically across Asia and into Europe. The network, dating back to the Han and Tang Chinese empire dynasties, extended some 7,000km from Chang’an (today’s Xian) in China, via Central Asia, into the Middle East and into Europe and Africa. In the 19th century, German geographer Ferdinand Von Richthofen coined the name Silk Road or Silk Routes to describe the passage of Chinese, Turkish, Indian, Persian and Arab merchants and their goods – including silks – from China and incense, frankincense and copper from the Arabian peninsula and the Levant. Alongside commerce, these routes also facilitated cultural exchange, including knowledge of the arts and literature, languages, sciences, technology and crafts,

Hindu trader, his son shot dead in Balochistan

ANI | Updated: May 13, 2018 14:39IST Hub [Balochistan], May 13 (ANI): A Hindu businessman and his son were recently shot dead during a robbery bid in Pakistan's Balochistan province. Pakistan-based human rights activist and blogger Kapil Dev, in a tweet, "Hindu trader Jaipal & his son Haresh were shot dead while they were returning from their shop yesterday in Hub Choki. This is second double murder incident followed by two brothers' murder in Mithi in Jan. Media is busy in covering jalsas, so plz raise voice for the justice here!." Jaipal Das and his son Haresh Das were returning to Hub from a nearby city when they were attacked by the robbers. The two tried to resist the robbery bid and were shot as a result. Protests against the killing broke out on the Karachi-Quetta road leading to a road blockade. Earlier, in January this year, the same kind of incident had taken place where two brothers, who were food grain traders by profession, were shot dead by robb