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Belt and Road at a Glance: RWR Advisory

Belt and Road at a Glance
Top DevelopmentsPakistan delays FTA upgrade agreement at last minute
Despite ten rounds of negotiation, a final agreement on upgrades to the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) fell apart just before it was to be made official. While the secret nature of the discussions was a concern, the reason for the failure centers on China’s refusal to remove tariffs on Pakistan’s textile and agricultural products exports. Despite the vast sums committed to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, tensions have run high between the two countries in recent months. In November, for example, the Diamer-Bhasha dam rejected a Chinese financing proposal. Economist Mushtaq Khansupported a tougher negotiating position on the view that Beijing “cannot afford to bankrupt Pakistan.” This has been supported by discussion over just the past few weeks of an additional $1.5 billion in Chinese financing for Pakistan to help overcome liquidity problems, with Pakistan having already tak…

New Gwadar Airport will be the biggest airport of Pakistan
New Gwadar Airport will be the biggest airport of PakistanByDarakhshan Anjum - April 11, 2018Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Dostain Khan Jamaldini said that the work on new Gwadar airport will start soon. The company that has been nominated by China for the development of mega Gwadar airport has got the clearance for financing & execution of the project. Once the implementation phase starts, Gwadar will become the hub of international trade in Pakistan. While briefing the 65th meeting of the Standing Committee on Planning, Development, and Reform, Jamaldini disclosed this news relating to the development of new Gwadar International Airport.Furthermore, the China Airport Construction Group Engineering Company’s representative Jianxin Liao informed a journalist that the New International Airport in Gwadar will be the biggest airport of Pakistan. It will be situated on 4,300 acres. In compariso…