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Bugti should tweet about his family's ugly history rather than Baloch history Bugti should tweet about his family's ugly history rather than Baloch  history March 30, 2018 Nawab Bugti with assassinated premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto at the wedding of Nawabzada Rehan Bugti, father of Brahumdagh Bugti For lack of a better comparison, a twitter account in the hands of a failed Baloch “nawab” hand is like a bull in the China shop. Or let us ask this way: when does a person find himself in a “golden cage” bored to death? Answer is when you are only one of the three claimants to a tribal fiefdom that is bigger than Cyprus, or almost as big as Lebanon, or half the land size of Israel, and  you are surrounded by a group of sycophants whose dream in life is to carry your suitcase and that too in Geneva, Switzerland. Even if your wine closet has the best alcohol that you drink every night and puff cigarettes in the manner of a dejected lover of Pakistan—not caring for other family members

RWR Advisory: Belt and Road at a Glance

This edition covers developments from March 12 - March 26..  Belt and Road at a Glance   Subscribe to the Belt and Road Monitor Top Developments China National Machinery Industry Corporation, commonly known as Sinomach, has agreed to  build  a $845 million, 255-mile railway across  Iran , building upon a sustained period of growth for Chinese investment in Iran that accelerated after Xi Jinping’s state visit to the country in January 2016. The railway will link the cities of Tehran, Hamedan and Sanandaj. China Civil Engineering Construction, a subsidiary of CRCC, is currently also  building  a 263-km railway line from Kermanshah to Khosravi. According to Chinese entrepreneur Lin Zuoru, who  owns  factories in Iran, “Iran is at the center of everything.”On March 23, China’s Ministry of Commerce announced that foreign direct investment by Chinese companies in 50 Belt and Road countries fell by 30.9% year-on-year. While the Ministry stated that this number covers investment across al

Analysis: Is Xi Flying Too Close to the Sun?

CHINA MEDIA BULLETIN  Issue No. 127: Mar 2018                  Subscribe   /  Read Online    /  PDF Monthly update of press freedom news and analysis related to China Analysis:  Is Xi Flying Too Close to the Sun? In the News: Tightened censorship on National People’s Congress, end of term limits Censorship and surveillance: WeChat upgrade, feminists silenced, privacy concerns Xinjiang: Reprisals against Uighurs at home and abroad Hong Kong & Macau: By-election opens door to suppression of dissent Beyond China:  Tibet event ban in India, Taiwan spy case, U.S. campus meddling Featured Prisoner :  Yao Wentian What to Watch For Take Action Photo of the Month:  Eye-roll seen around the world This is one of many memes emerging after reporter Liang Xiangyi from financial news outlet Yicai was caught on state television rolling her eyes at a long-winded question from the fawning correspondent to her left during the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress. Liang’s eye r

Khans and fractious chieftains Rizwan Zeb    TFT Issue: 22 Jul 2016 Rizwan Zeb begins our journey through Balochistan’s past by tracing the origins of the Kalat state Facebook Twitter Google+ WhatsApp Email PrintFriendly Share128 Mir Mehrab Khan's heroic last stand against British forces What exactly is the origin and the meaning of the word “Baloch”? This cannot be easily answered. The predominant view is that Baloch derived from  Belus . The Babylonian kings were called  Belus . Nimrod, one of the most famous of the Babylonian kings was called Nimrod the Belus. According to Baloch historians, his followers were called ‘Belusis’, which became ‘Balos’ in Arabic which further corrupted into Baloch. Mir Khuda Bux claimed that the Baloch originated in Aleppo (Haleb) in Syria and eventually settled in the present day Balochistan. These groups or  bolaks  comprising blood relatives roamed the land and earned their living from robbery, assault,