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Japan adding Indian Ocean countries to maritime security push: source   KYODO NEWS  - 19 hours ago - 19:53 |  World ,  All The Japanese government has decided to get more heavily involved in supporting the maritime security capabilities of countries facing the Indian Ocean, starting with Djibouti and Sri Lanka, a government source said Friday. The move is part of the "free and open Indo-Pacific" strategy pursued by the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in light of China's expanding maritime influence in the region. Under the strategy, Japan seeks to ensure stability across a wide area spanning from East Asia to Africa through cooperation with countries that share values like the freedom of navigation. The efforts have so far been centered on countries around the South China Sea. According to the source, the government dispatched a coast guard team earlier this month to Djibouti, which faces sea l

How NUNNER stepped out on the New Silk Road Published on 23-02-2018 at 09:16 In just a few days’ time, Amsterdam will join the growing number of European locations with a direct rail freight service to China. It will be the latest chapter in the successful story of NUNNER Logistics, and in particular its rail expert Erik Groot Wassink , a speaker at next month’s  Silk Road Gateway Poland Summit  (March 20-21). Groot Wassink is Director of Special Products at NUNNER Logistics, an agent of the Austrian-based Rail Cargo Group, which now operates in 25 locations across Europe, including his own base in The Netherlands. Responsible for all of the company’s rail activities, Groot Wassink is rightly proud of the company’s progress in harnessing the potential of the New Silk Road and driving its future prospects. Active NUNNER has been active in rail logistics since the early 1990s, originally to and from the CIS (former Soviet) region an

Turkey a gateway to Europe for modern Silk Road DAILY SABAH ISTANBUL Published10 hours ago Its strategic position China's modern Silk Road project makes Turkey a strong partner for the countries involved and renders the country a gateway to European markets Turkey is seen as a gateway to Europe for the modern Silk Road, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative, which covers China, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the Belt and Road Initiative to build a trade and infrastructure-based network, connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the ancient Silk Road trade routes. "One Belt, One Road," refers to the "Silk Road Economic Belt," which recreates the ancient, land-based Silk Road trade routes from China across Central Asia, into to the Middle East and Europe, also known as the "Modern Silk Road." The route of the modern Silk Road st

Passport office in Gwadar non-operational for two months The Newspaper's Correspondent Updated February 24, 2018 GWADAR: People of Gwadar are facing difficulties in obtaining their passports as the passport office in the city has been non-operational for the past two months. According to officials, the net server of the passport office was burnt some two months back and since then the office has been closed. “We have sent the net server to Islamabad for its repair but it has not been sent back by the authorities concerned,” an official told Dawn. The in-charge and other members of the passport office’s staff were not available at the premises either. “We have no option but to travel to Turbat for our passport-related issues,” Elahi Bakhsh Baloch, a resident of Gwadar, told Dawn. He said the posts of the office in-charge, data entry operator and supporting staff in Gwadar’s passport office had been lying vacant for a long time. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD Members of civil society have called upon th

CPEC: Chinese engagement of Baloch youth Dr Muhammad Khan ACCORDING to Financial Times, Chinese authorities are in a secret contact with Baloch youth, particularly those having militant trends. This all is being done to protect the $56 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). According to this newspaper, “The Chinese have quietly made a lot of progress. Even though separatists occasionally try to carry out the odd attack, they are not making a forceful push.” Though this report has been denied by Beijing, yet there is a need to analyse it in true perspective. This would enable help to clarify the confusion which may later create misunderstanding between the people of two countries. Indeed, revelation of this report has two connotations; firstly, Pakistani authorities have not been able to convince the Baloch youth, who have anti CPEC mind-set, thus allowed the Chinese authorities to take a lead position, which means an arrangement done with the mutual c

Pakistan survives placement on FATF watchlist KHURRAM HUSAIN ISLAMABAD: Confusion about whether or not Pakistan has been put on a ‘grey list’ by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) continued on Friday as a public statement by the international watchdog announcing the outcomes of its plenary session held in Paris this week remained silent on the US move to put the country on the watchlist. Pakistan does not feature on the list of countries with strategic deficiencies posing a risk to the international financial system issued along with the FATF statement following the meeting. The list now features nine countries Ethiopia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tabago, Vanuatu and Tunisia, while Bosnia and Herzegovina has been moved to the white list. Islamabad set to be ‘grey listed’ in June after US succeeds in persuading China and Saudi Arabia to drop their opposition in second vote The absence of Pakistan’s name from the list of “Jurisdictions with strategic anti-mone

Baloch Separatist Leader Defects in Moscow, Blames India for Hijacking Struggle INTERVIEWS 22:05 23.02.2018(updated 22:22 23.02.2018)Get short URL 3 72 Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch, a prominent leader of the Baloch independence movement and designer of the separatist flag, recently renounced his decades-long campaign against Pakistan while attending a Pakistani Unity Day event last weekend in Moscow, where Sputnik’s Andrew Korybko had the chance to conduct a brief interview with him. Sputnik: Tell us little about yourself: how and why did you come to Russia, how long have you been here and what do you do presently? Jumma Marri Baloch:  I think everybody who was interested about the Baloch affairs might know my struggle to free Balochistan, which is not hidden from anyone. I will not be wrong if I say that I am from those people who were always on the forefront of the Baloch freedom struggle — many of the readers might know the fact that the Free Balochistan flag, which i

Globalisation and Chinese Grand Strategy DownloadPDF China is taking steps intended to reduce its exposure to Western economic coercion, while enhancing its leverage over others. SURVIVAL CHINA GLOBALISATION TRADE GEO -ECONOMICS By:  Aaron L. Friedberg Publication:   Survival: Global Politics and Strategy  February–March 2018 Pages:  7-40 Volume:  60 Edition number:  1 Date:  30 January 2018 Deng Xiaoping’s initiation of the ‘reform and opening up’ programme at the end of 1978 appears in retrospect to be the decisive turning point in the history of modern China. Increasing reliance on market forces, as opposed to state planning, and deeper integration into the global economy, in place of the old policy of self-imposed isolation and virtual autarky, launched China onto a steep growth trajectory. By any measure, economic or strategic, China’s decision to join the world