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Prof.Naela Quadri's statement in response to President Trump Tweet regarding Pakistan.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWBWF (World Baloch Women Forum)Vancouver, Canada(2/1/2018) - Head of World Baloch Women Forum , Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch issued following statement to media in response to President Trump Tweet regarding Pakistan."In his first tweet of the year, President Trump has expressed his deep frustration with Pakistan's role in the War Against Terror. So far Pakistan has used US funds meant to fight terror to spawn a terror factory along AfPak border that destablises the whole of the region. Pakistan has used US weapons to kill kill nations under its illegal occupation and religious minorities and has allowed the Chinese to reverse engineer US products. In short, in return for the generous and wholehearted support and trust of the US, Pakistan has stolen funds, technology, and weapons. Observers are wondering if the US will at last disengage with Pakistan and punish the Jihadi state.""The US must disengage with the Pakistani state and its terrorist arms …

President Trump Tweet is a sign of Thunder for Pakistan. Baloch Leader Munir Mengal

on January 1, 2018Brussels (Bolan Times):  The President of of Baloch Voice Association and the Baloch leader Mr. Munir Mengal in a response towards the Trump strongly-worded tweet towards Pakistan, said that the communities of the region highly appreciate and hail the President bold stand. This is big realization from the Unites states and a sign of thunder for Pakistan.The BVA President claimed that the Pakistani authorities were bluffing to the world just  to protect their double timing strategic policy. On one side begging billions of dollars from US as aid for war against terrorism and on the other side grooming, and using those religious terrorists organizations as strategic assets.Mr. Mengal added that was very unfortunate that the Islamic state was using the American aid and also the Religious organizations against the peace loving people of Afghanistan, India, Kashmir …

Musharraf, the delusional general is back, at least in some headlines

SHEKHARGUPTA 1 January, 2018Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf | Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty ImagesTruth caught up with the dictator & he was banished. His delusions are back, from calling LeT “our own” to seeking exiled Baloch activists’ assassination.To be fair to Gen. Pervez Musharraf, he had given me my I-told-you-so moment a decade ago when he was exiled in 2008.A few months after he had overthrown an elected government enjoying a two-thirds majority and jailed its popular prime minister Nawaz Sharif, I had written in July 2000 that there were only four ways a dictator ends up in Pakistan: assassinated or jailed by successors or exiled or disgraced, usually after waging a war on India and losing. Ayub, Bhutto, Zia and Yahya had each met one of these fates.This left Musharraf with no room for complacence, I said. He had taken over power at the very young age of 55, and since the opt…

Trump's New Year Tweet on Pakistan