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The fraudulent annexation and illegal occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan

The fraudulent annexation and illegal occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan.

March 27th, A Black day.

Every year March 27th is observed as a black day in Balochistan and in Diaspora among the Baloch people to mark the illegal and unjust occupation of their motherland Balochistan by Pakistan’s terrorist army.

Balochistan, an independent and sovereign state was forcefully occupied against the will and mandate of Baloch people by Pakistan’s terrorist army and annexed into the newly created terrorist state of Pakistan, violating all the international laws and norms.

Mr. Jinnah, the dog lover, heavy smoker and drinker, who was struggling with tuberculosis during his last days of his life was the main culprit and criminal who was hired by Khan Kalat, the ruler of Balochistan, to represent Balochistan’s case, but instead, he betrayed Khan and forced him to merge Balochistan with Pakistan against the bicameral Baloch unanimous popular vote and mandate.

Both the upper and lower houses of Balochistan’s representatives bodies anonymously and overwhelmingly voted to reject the merger idea with the terrorist state and wanted to remain independent, but Mr. Jinnah insisted on to pursued Khan for seven months after the birth of Pakistan to sign the so called document, the instrument of accession,  and merge Balochistan into Pakistan against the popular Baloch vote and mandate.

Despite that the khan Kalat had no authority to do so in his personal capacity, he was threatened and forced by Jinnah to sign the accession document under duress or else face arrest, jail term, humiliation and execution by the terrorist army of newly created Pakistan, which he unwilling did on March 27th, 1948, after the US and India turned down his request for help to save his country and people from going into Pakistan’s slavery.

A free and independent country was swallowed by a terrorist state and the world unfortunately and criminally looked the other way.

Since then, thousands Baloch people have been killed and disappeared as till-to-date Pakistan’s terrorist army still trying to quell the uprising of Baloch citizens who are, despite being weak, bravely fighting the occupying forces to free their motherland from the Pakistan’s illegal and unjust occupation and to restore their sovereignty over their motherland, its coasts and resources, which Punjabi occupying forces are robbing at gun point, now even with the help of Chinese imperialist.

Under the illegal occupation, Balochistan despite being rich in natural resources has been kept purposefully backward by the Pakistan’s occupying forces and Baloch citizens has been forced to lives below poverty lines. There is no roads and infrastructure of modern conveniences and no healthcare or any modern educational institutions.

Baloch people every year mark the day with protests against Pakistan’s illegal occupation of their motherland in Balochistan and worldwide. They burn Pakistan’s flag to express their anger and frustration against Pakistan.

The Baloch people have not and will never accept the Paki illegal and unjust occupation of their motherland by Pakistan and they are asking the world community to take notice of the ongoing human rights violations that are being committed by the Pakistan’s terrorists occupying forces in Balochistan against the Baloch people and help them to regain their freedom and independence from the terrorist state of Pakistan.



WHEREAS the Indian Independence Act, 1947, provides that as from the fifteenth day of August, 1947, there shall be set up an independent Dominion known as PAKISTAN, and that the Government of India Act, 1935 shall, with such omissions, additions, adaptations and modifications as the Governor-General may by order specify, be applicable to the Dominion of Pakistan;

AND WHEREAS the Government of India Act, 1935, as so adapted by the Governor-General provides that an Indian State may accede to the Dominion of Pakistan by an Instrument of Accession executed by the Ruler thereof:


I, His Highness Baglar Begi Khan of Kalat (signed) Ruler of Kalat State in, the exercise of my sovereignt; in and over my said State DO hereby execute this my Instrument of Accession and

1. I hereby declare that I accede to the Dominion of Pakistan with the intent that the Governor-General of Pakistan, the Dominion Legislature, the Supreme Court and any other Dominion authority established for the purposes of the Dominion shall, by virtue of this my Instrument of Accession, but subject always to the terms thereof, and for the purposes only Dominion, exercise 1n relation to the State of Kalat (hereinafter referred to as “this State”) such functions as may be vested in them by or under the Government of India Act, 1935, as in force ,in the Dominion of Pakistan on the 15th day of August 1947 (which Act as so in force is hereinafter referred to as “the Act”).

2. I hereby assume the obligation of ensuring that due effect is given to the provisions of the Act within this State so far as they are applicable therein by virtue of this My Instrument of Accession.

3. I accept the matters specified in the Schedule hereto as the matters with respect to which the Dominion Legislature may make laws for this State.

4. I hereby declare that I accede to the Dominion of Pakistan on the assurance that if an agreement is made between the Governor-General and the Ruler of this State whereby any functions in relation to the administration in this State of any law of the Dominion Legislature shall be exercised by the Ruler of this State, then any such agreement shall be deemed to form part of this Instrument and shall be construed end have effect accordingly.

5. Nothing in this Instrument shall empower the Dominion Legislature to make any law for this State authorising the compulsory acquisition of land for any purpose, but I hereby undertake that should the Dominion for the purposes of a Dominion law which applies in this State deem it necessary to acquire any land, I will at their request acquire the land at their expense or if the land belongs to me transfer it to them on such terms as may be agreed, or, in default of agreement, determined by an arbitrator to be appointed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

6. The terms of this my Instrument of Accession shall not be varied by any amendment of the Act or of the Indian Inde­pendence Act, 1947, unless such amendment is accepted by me by an Instrument supplementary to this Instrument.

7. Nothing in this Instrument shall be deemed to commit me in any way to acceptance of any future constitution of Pakistan or to fetter my discretion to enter into arrangements with the Government of Pakistan under any such future constitution.

8. Nothing, in this Instrument affects the continuance of my sovereignty in and over this State, or, Save as provided by or under this Instrument, the exercise of any powers, authority and rights now enjoyed by me as Ruler of this State or the validity of any law at present in force in this State.

9. I hereby declare that I execute this Instrument on behalf of this State and that any reference in this Instrument to me or to the Ruler of the State is to be construed as including a reference to my heirs and successors. Given under my hand this 27th March 1948. Nineteen hundred and forty eight

Signed by: His Highness Baglar Begi Khan of Kalat
(Ruler of Kalat State)

I do hereby accept this Instrument of Accession.
Dated this 31st March 1948 Nineteen hundred and forty eight
Signed by: Ma Jinnah

(Governor-General of Pakistan)


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