Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Munich conference, Pakistan diplomat Ansar Butt threatens BRP protesters


February 19, 2018

Pakistani diplomat Ansar Butt seen with Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. Butt hd tried to disrupt a peaceful rally of the

Baloch Republican Party.

It is strange but true.

Pakistan's infamous spy service has hired a large number of Kashmiri Muslims who are from the Butt caste but in public they behave like American butts, or ass holes!

One such scene was witnessed last weekend when the Baloch Republican Party organized an impressive protest where the Munich Security Conference was being held. The peaceful protesters had braved the bitter cold snow to tell the world about Pakistan army, Military Intelliegence, Inter services Intelligence and Frontier Corps in France-sized Balochistan.

BRP Germany president, Jawad Baloch, who is nephew of this writer's old friend US national Malik Baloch--who served as a Balochi linguist with the US army in Afghanistan--,  told the gathering, "Pakistan is cancer not only for Balochistan but for the entire region, particularly, Afghanistan and India, by harboring religious extremists group to disturb the peace in the region," accoridng to a Press release of the party

Jawad Baloch said the recent initiative by the US to put Pakistan on a special watch list is a confirmation of BRP's repeated claims that Pakistan sponsors and harbors terrorism. He further said that Pakistan has joined hands with China in the name of the so-called CPEC project in a step to turn Baloch into a minority and occupy their land.

Jawad Baloch said the Pakistan atrocities in Balochistan are continuing from the past 70 years, but those atrocities are escalating on daily a basis after Pakistan has joined hands with China, Mr. Jawad said adding that “After Sui, China is trying to expand its base in Gwadar in the name of the so-called CPEC.”

"We, the Baloch, as a secular nation urge all the participating countries in this security conference to play a role to stop the unending state atrocities, HR violations and extra judicial killings in Balochistan.

While Baloch youths were protesting peacefully, a Pakistani diplomat came yelling at the Baloch protesters calling them traitors. Holding a smart phone approached the protesters as if to intimidate them by taking their videos and pictures. The diplomat was accompanied by another person from the Pakistan mission.

Abdul Nawaz Bugti, who has been representing his party at the UN Human Rights Council, confirmed to this writer that the diplomat name is Ansar Butt.

Later on, a picture showed the same Butt posing with Pakistan army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa, who is suspect in the eyes of the Islamic radicals for allegedly being a member of the Ahmadi sect.

Some month back another Kashmiri Muslim named Kami Butt, who is widely suspected to be an ISI volunteer without pay, tried to interrupt this scribe at an event at the Johns Hopkin University's School of Advanced International Studies. At that event, former US ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad in a friendly way had called this correspondent, "prime minister of Balochistan." This correspondent told Kami Butt that he was a proud American and  very openly gay American and that Pakistan may have a problem with that.

Kashmir has been a cradle of Hindu and Buddhist civilizations much before Islam was born but Pakistan in 1989 incited the jihadis to throw out more than half million most civilized and cultured Kashmir Pandits or Hindus out of there scenic homeland

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