Sunday, February 11, 2018

Letter to Khan Kalat from Lord Linlithgow

Viceregal Lodge

10th June, 1939.

My Dear Friend,

Sir Aurthur Farsons has written to your highness officially informing you of my decision to remove certain limitations on the powers and dignity of the Khan of Kalat. I am very glad that my confidence in Your Highness’ ability and good sense has enabled me to reach this decision. I understand that Your Highness is anxious for some kind of formal reaffirmation of the Treaty of 1876. I can, however,assure you that such reaffirmation is unnecessary, that  I recognize the Treaty of 1876 is fully vaild in every respect and that it will henceforth form the basis of the relations between the British Crown and Government and the Kalat State.

I trust Your Highness will live long to enjoy the results of the changes which have now been introduced.

                                 Yours sincerely
                                 Crown Representative.

Captain His Highness

Beglar Being, Sir  Ahmed yar Khan,

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