Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dr Jumma disassociates from Baloch independence movement

Pakistanis in Moscow celebrate ‘Pakistan Unity Day’

Observer Report


The complete Pakistani community, residing in Moscow comprising of representation from all the provinces of Pakistan especially Baloch community, on Saturday celebrated “Pakistan Unity Day” under the slogan “United we stand, Divided we fall”.
The event reached its climax when Dr. Jumma Khan Marri (Baloch sub-nationalist leader, intellectual and one of the most senior political activist of Baloch Independence Movement, who actually designed flag of Baloch Independence Movement) attended the event and announced his separation alongwith his supporters from Baloch Independence Movement. It is important to mention that Dr. Jumma Khan Marri is on self-exile in Moscow for the last two decades. He is son of legendary Baloch icon and famous (ex) guerilla commander Mir Hazar Khan Marri, head/chief of Bajrani Marri tribe, Balochistan chapter.
Dr Jumma Khan Marri possesses huge following among Baloch Diaspora residing all across the world. During his emotional and highly charged speech, he announced:
His separation/disassociation alongwith his supporters from Baloch Independence movement. Launching of organisation with the name of “Overseas Pakistani Baloch Community” to counter ongoing free Balochistan Movement abroad.
To confront and expose evil designs of Indian paid disgruntled personalities like Brahamdagh Bugti, Hyrbyar Marri and Mehran Marri at all forums abroad.
To bring back all misguided/innocent Baloch residing abroad on political asylum to mainstream and resolve their problems by peaceful dialogue. He extended invitation to Khan of Kalat for joining and supporting their organisation.
Dr Jumma Khan Marri said that integrity of Baloch nation was seriously damaged when Brahamdagh Bugti, Hyrbyar Marri and Mehran Marri applied for Indian nationality and laid flowers on Gandhi’s statue in Geneva.
Defection of Dr Jumma Khan Marri from Baloch Independence Movement and raising of voice by Pakistani Baloch community against Indian sponsored Baloch disgruntled leadership, that too from Russian Federation is history in the making and a big blow to so-called Baloch Independence movement

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  1. I know he is doing this out of sheer frustration and disappointment due to the lack of support from India and other international players and there might be some other money problems but that doesn’t mean that we should trust the punjabi criminals and occupiers. Trust me, it is not worth it. At the end, he will regret it, because, Punjabis are not trustworthy. They will trick him and use him against his own people and then they will dump him like is no body, when he is no more useful to them anymore.

    Punjabis will never treat the Baloch citizens equal to them nor they will address or accept the genuine demands and reservations of Baloch people regarding their land, coasts and resources.

    Instead, they want to treat Balochistan as a Punjabi colony and Baloch citizens as their slave, which the Baloch people can NOT and will NEVER accept.

    We have learned this lesson through the hard way and We know for sure that there is no life for the Baloch people under the Punjabi illegal and unjust occupation in Pokistan.

    For Baloch people’s survival the only way out is the total and complete independence from the Punjabi illegal occupation and nothing less than that will help or can save Balochistan and Baloch people.

    We can not deceive ourselves again and again by trusting Punjabi liars and cheaters. They are not there for Baloch people and Balochistan but are there only to use and abuse Baloch citizens and exploit and rob the Balochistan’s rich natural resources to build Punjab.

    Balochistan despite being rich in natural resources has been kept by the Punjabi occupying forces poor and extremely backward. There are no roads or any other infrastructures of modern conveniences and the Baloch people live below the poverty line.

    The Punjabi occupying forces are engaged in genocide and systemic elimination of Baloch leaders, students, teachers, intellectuals and political activists on daily basis with full impunity.

    Since the Punjabi illegal and unjust occupation of Balochistan in 1948, thousands Baloch have lost their lives in this non-ending unresolved conflict. Hundreds of Baloch youths, kidnapped by the Pakistan ISI and FC forces, are still missing and many are lingering in military torture cells and unknown military camps.

    We must stand up for our people and deliver them from the Punjabi tyranny, occupation and oppression. We must not be a part of their deceits and lies and their anti-Baloch evil plans and agendas against our people.

    We must be prepared to challenge the Pokistan’s illegal and unjust occupation in every international forum and take the Balochistan’s case for freedom and justice to the international Court of Justice and all other international bodies.

    Balochistan must be free and Punjabi occupiers must leave Balochistan peacefully without any further bloodshed and violence. Nothing less that that will be acceptable to Baloch people.