Friday, January 12, 2018

MarriHouse casts serious allegations on Hyrbyair Marri
Translated from Urdu

Quetta (Monitoring Desk): In a pact with Rehman Malik, Hyrbyair is spreading conspiracy and factionalism within th ranks of Baloch nationalism.

A Marri House spokesperson issued a statement leveling serious allegations against Baloch nationalist leader Hyrbyair Marri, saying that by engaging in talks with former Union Minister for the Interior, he was implicating himself in a conspiracy against the Baloch cause and spreading factionalism in its ranks. In its statement, Marri House strongly condemned the nonsensical speech Mr. Hyrbyair Marri made two days ago in London against Nawab Changez Marri, and said that while Hyrbyair was busy trying to make himself the sole 'qibla' of the Baloch nationalist movement in vain by opening a new front against someone or the other every day, we have been forced to speak out against this latest matter after two days of thought, so that we may place a few facts about Hyrbyair before the people of Balochistan in order that the true face of some claimants to the philosophical and ideological bandwagon is revealed to the kinsmen of the Marri clan and the Baloch people, in particular the youth.

In serious allegations, Marri House said that after his arrest in London and during his meeting with Interior Minister Rehman Malik in talks to have the case against him closed, he made a pact, post which he began to collar and attack all his close friends and associates, a pattern that is still ongoing. In truth, his pact with Rehman Malik was to continue to raise slogans for Baloch freedom in full force, while never letting any other Baloch parties gain any foothold, and to create doubt and suspicion about their activities in the eyes of common Baloch people.

*The spokesperson claimed that they have hard evidence that Hyrbyair gave material support to terrorists responsible for the massacres of Hazaras in Balochistan and specifically in Quetta, and in the coming days they would place this proof before the Baloch people.*

The Marri House spokesman said that they consider being included in Hyrbyair's personal coterie an insult to themselves and ridiculous disrespect to the spirit of the late Nawab Khairbakhsh Marri - for the things that Nawab Khairbakhsh Marri said during his last days in regards to Hyrbyair, and the subsequent manner in which he began heaping indignities on the whitebearded elders of the Marri tribe after the Nawab's passing...have caused many Marri folk to leave Hyrbyair's ideological caravan in disgust.

Lastly, the Marri House spokesman said that their silence certainly does not mean that they were unaware of facts, but they chose to remain silent all this while hoping that he (Hyrbyair) would cease to bargain with the blood of Marri folks, because the Marri tribe is united under the leadership of Nawab Changez Marri, and the few people who remain under Hyrbyair's delusional sway will stand with us in the near future.

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  1. These are NOT serious allegations but FACTS. Thanks to Marri House for exposing Hairbiyar Marri’s ugly face and his collusion with Reman Malik and ISI and his treacherous role against the Baloch people and Baloch National Movement for freedom.

    We are not surprised. We been telling this for long time that he is colluding with Pakistan’s ISI and his fake and phony slogans of Azadee are just to cover up his ugly face and his complicity and crimes against the Baloch people. Now at least his own family members are speaking out the truth.