Monday, January 15, 2018

Balochistan’s politics

NOTHING is certain in politics where vested interests and defaming others is considered rule of the game, which is unfortunate and clearly lacks decency. The dynamics of politics in the country’s resource rich and strategically located Balochistan province are also not different but in fact more intricate when compared with other regions. One saw its demonstration on Saturday in the election of province’s new chief minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo of PML-Q — third CM in last four years — who managed to muster support from lawmakers of rival parties including PML (N) and National Party. In fact the floor crossing was at its peak in the election, clearly demonstrating that major political parties have least say in province’s politics.
Vote of no confidence against the sitting CM is not un-democratic but at a time when few months were left in the next general elections, there was hardly any need to bring such an in house change in Balochistan as it only created doubts, raised questions and gave substance to the matter that an intrigue is being hatched to reduce the PML (N) seats in upcoming Senate elections. Anyway this is the democracy we have and the election once again exposed the political weaknesses that major political parties including PML (N) are faced with in the province. In fact the mainstream parties are only maintaining token political presence in Balochistan with their top leaders visiting it off and on. Thus they have no say or enjoy much influence in the province’s political affairs. The recent visit of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbassi who failed to woo disgruntled PML (N) elements in favour of former CM Sanaullah Zehri necessitates that the main parties pay attention towards strengthening their organisation structure and focus on this smaller province in order to bring complete normalcy there and free local people from the cruel yoke of tribal chieftains who are notorious for exploiting the Baloch people by different means.
A strong political set-up there is also vital to reap the full benefits of multi billion dollars China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. Also the installation of new CM should bring to an end all kinds of political uncertainties and rumours, and focus of Bizenjo should be on how he could best utilise the short period to bring improvement in the life of common man. It is good to hear him that he wants to bring peace to the province and engage with the estranged Baloch leaders, a process which is on halt ever since Dr Abdul Malik left the office. Given the current situation when our enemies are engaged in plots to destabilise the Balochistan, the epicentre of CPEC project, it is indeed need of the hour that disgruntled elements are brought into the mainstream politics so that they could also contribute and play their role in the development of the province. So any progress towards that end will be welcomed but those playing at the tunes of enemies deserve no mercy and law should take its course against them

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