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890 Balochistan employees ‘tampered’ age record to avoid retirement | to avoid retirement December 23, 2017 Quetta -  The National Accountability Bureau (NAB)  Balochistan  has unearthed mega corruption scam by identifying 890 government  employees in the province  Balochistan  who were suspected of altering the official data to change  record  of their ages in order to delay retirement. During an inquiry launched by NAB against workers who allegedly got their ages changed in the official  record  to continue receiving perks and privileges despite being overage, the Bureau found that 890  employees  of various government departments from grade one to 21 had inflicted loss of billions to the national exchequer by tampering with the  record  . The findings unveiled that around 100 grade 17 officers and 19 officers from grades 19 to 21 also benefited by bypassing the legal formalities, said the bureau. The illegality was traced in education, health services, general ad

CPEC and the Silk Road Rail Network Reliable freight routes will help Pakistan and neighbouring countries cut transportation costs, save time and ease mobility 8 Shares Yasir Habib Khan DECEMBER 23, 2017 If CPEC is handled carefully and Pakistan is able to use it to its advantage, there is a fortune to be made in trade and the industrial market through one of its lesser known projects. This is the Silk Road Rail Network (SSRN), also known as the Eurasian Rail Project or Eurasian trans-continental rail transport network. It is meant to link Pakistan to Eurasian countries; including Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Turkey and Germany as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This massive overland railroad which will stretch from Myanmar to Germany only exists on paper today, but it is highly likely that it will see the light of day soon as the practical and theoretical issues associated with it have been smoothed out. Robust and reliable freight route

Merits of CPEC long term plan OP-ED Every project initiates with a vision statement and delineation of goals S M Hali DECEMBER 23, 2017 The much awaited ‘Long Term Plan’ of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was finally unveiled on 18 December 2017, two and a half years after its launch by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The early harvest projects are already close to fruition; many doubting projects are now on board but the detractors of the project, demanding greater transparency, are still adamant to find faults with it. For the first time, a formal definition of the mammoth development project has been provided. It has been depicted as a growth axis and a development belt featuring complementary advantages, collaboration, mutual benefits and common prosperity. With the comprehensive transportation corridor and industrial cooperation between China and Pakistan as the main axis, and with concrete economic and trade cooperation, and people-to-pe

Balochistan Militancy Incorporated– BLA sacks veteran commander over India visit   mustikhan    Uncategorized  December 22, 2017 10 Minutes One of the oldest Baloch militant outfits, Balochistan Liberation Army, has suffered yet another split. Before the assassination of former Balochistan chief minister Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti there was just one armed group BLA. But today there are half dozen armed outfits and a new one crops up every now and then. Obviously, militancy has become a highly profitable venture in blood soaked Balochistan. Pakistan accuses London-based former Balochistan government minister Hyrbyair Marri of assuming the operational command of the BLA, since the assassination of his brother Balach Marri November, 21 2007. Earlier this month, the “high command” of the BLA released a statement announcing suspension of what it described as “two area commanders,” Aslam Baloch and Bashirzeb Baloch, indefinitely for violating the organisatio