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BLF fighters kill five FWO workers at CPEC projects

(Daily Sangar)Balochistan Liberation Front Spokesman Gwahram Baloch informed media that BLF fightrs attacked Military construction company, namely Frontier Works Organization (FWO) on Friday. They were working on Gazzen river bridge of CPEC Project between Heeronk and Tijabaan area of Turbat district Kech. As a result of attack five FWO personal were killed. They had full security, where several military check posts have been installed to provide security. However, the Sarmachars with efficient strategy ambushed when the military forces went on patrol. Gwahram Baloch reiterated, "the Baloch nation has already rejected the CPEC Project and no project would reach its completion without the will of Baloch nation." He added "these projects have been designed to settle millions of foreigners in Balochistan and it is a conspiracy to convert Baloch nation into minority. The spokesman clarified on the killing of FWO workers few days back. He stated Pakistan in order to lore chi…

Balochistan is a strategic center of gravity in South Asia

Balochistan is a strategic center of gravity in South Asia
by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD November 19, 2017
It seems like all the players in the South Asian power game think Balochistan, Pakistan's southwest province on the Arabian Sea, is important - except the United States.
For the sake of argument, imagine that Balochistan reverts to its previous condition as an independent and secular state before it was forcibly incorporated into Pakistan or, more simply, is a blank space on the map.
Here are a few things that would change.-        The single most important Taliban safe haven, training and support infrastructure would be eliminated, isolating the Taliban's Peshawar Shura and the Haqqani Network to be dismantled piecemeal.
-        Afghanistan would have a reliable route to the sea and no longer be subjected to Pakistan's economic stranglehold.
-        An embryonic transnational terrorist epicenter containing the Islamic State (ISIS) and other extremist Wahhabi groups would be pr…

Quote of the day: Ahmar Mastikhan on Baloch Feudal lords

On Baloch Sardars, Nawabs' AKA Feudal lordsJust like Jinnah was secular, our feudal lords are guerrilla leaders. All fake. For example Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri never behaved nor claimed to be a guerrilla leader. Marris did produce some fine guerrilla leaders like Sher Mohammad and Mir Hazar Khan Ramkhani and scores of less popular. This business of feudal lords posing as guerrilla leaders started after the killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.
If indeed they are guerrilla leaders their rightful place is the mountains of Balochistan not the posh mansions of the West.They are playing Russian roulette by staying in the West and calling themselves Sarmachars in Chief and belittling the contributions of others in the West.Ahmar Mastikhan

Alarm bells ringing for Bugti after Swiss deport Marri

mustikhan UncategorizedNovember 19, 2017 5 MinutesThe Baloch have an excellent chance to present their cases in two major European countries, if the feudal lords show vision and political acumen, two developments of the past week show. These countries are Switzerland, where the authorities Thursday deported Mehran Marri, who has been visiting Geneva since March 2001 to plead the case of Balochistan, putting him under a lifetime ban from visiting Switzerland, and London where the Transport for London (TfL) Wednesday ordered the removal of free Balochistan ads from 100 double-decker buses. The multi-phased ad campaign was launched by former senator Javed Mengal, head of the World Baloch Organization (WBO).First, let us take a look at Mehran Marri case. The main reason cited by the Swiss for detaining and then deporting Mehran Marri from Zurich airport Thursday, while he was en route to Geneva to atte…


China place conditions including ownership of the mega project. BNF appreciate China’s decision in this regard.Pakistan Water Resources Secretary Shumail Khawaja said that Pakistan decided to take the dam project off the table, just before the 7th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) meeting with China, which was scheduled for November 21st in Islamabad. Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Chairman Muzamil Hussain said the Chinese conditions were about taking ownership of the project.It should be noted that BNF had also written letters to World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other world organizations about the Diamar-Bhasha dam, which is the sole property of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. The administration of Pakistan has no legitimacy over Gilgit-Baltistan neither at international level nor at Pakistan level. Gilgit-Baltistan is UN recognized disputed region and Pakistan’s own constitution as well as its Supreme Court do recognize the disputed nature of this part of the wo…