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October 6 , Martyrs

CHART: OBOR and EU member nations

The United States and ASEAN: The Key to the South China Sea Conflict

By Anushka Kapahi
Staff Writer
6 October 2017United States interests in the South China Sea (SCS) are diverse and chief among them is freedom of navigation. More than half of the global merchant fleet tonnage, and a third of all maritime traffic worldwide, passthrough the South China Sea. It serves as a massive global sea route that accounts for $1.2 trillion U.S. trade annually.Freedom of navigation, in the SCS, therefore, is vital to the advancement of U.S. economic interests. China’s claims over a wide area of the SCS, and the building of artificial islands and military bases threaten those interests and need to be addressed through a comprehensive policy that preserves and protects American interests without escalating current tensions. The United States should further its naval presence, surveillance, and patrols in the region in response to an invitation from its allies among the Association of Sou…

ietnam Is Becoming Asia's Most Aggressive Maritime Nation After China

Opinion: Vietnam Is Becoming Asia's Most Aggressive Maritime Nation After ChinaRalph Jennings ,   CONTRIBUTORActivists chant anti-China slogans during a rally in Hanoi on March 14, 2016, to mark the anniversary of a 1988 battle in the Spratly Islands, a rare act of protest over an issue that has come to dog relations between Hanoi and Beijing. (HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images)China has stoked many of Asia’s maritime sovereignty disputes by reclaiming land to build artificial islands and, in some cases, adding military infrastructure to those islands. To rub in the message that it has the more power than anyone else in the widely disputed, 3.5 million-square-kilometer South China Sea, the Beijing government glibly sails coast guard ships around the exclusive ocean economic zones of Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Off its east coast,…

Gwadar is a key pillar of CPEC is a key pillar of CPEC, China realises urgent need of a new international airport in the port city: Chinese Ambassador to PakistanBeijing will provide funds for a 19-kilometer six-lane road, says Sun WeidongMore than 30 companies are setting up factories and plants in the port cityPakistanby Usman MujibShami | Published on October 5, 2017 (Edited October 5, 2017) 🔗FacebookTwitterRedditLAHORE – Outgoing Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong has termed Gwadar pivotal for future economic prosperity of Pakistan.Article continues after the advertisementIn a discussion with journalists in the Punjab capital Thursday, the envoy expressed satisfaction at the pace of development in the port city, highlighting that last year a Free Zone was established in Gwadar, and already more than 30 companies have invested there.…

Jhal Magsi and western border

06-Oct-17by DailyTimes
The terrorists have struck again. And they have struck an institution known for its promotion of values of tolerance and diversity. Jhal Magsi’s Dargah Pir Rakhel Shah is the second shrine to have come under attack of terrorists this year.Notwithstanding the efforts of the security forces in the on-going fight against terrorism,Thursday’s suicide attack raises several important questions.Coincidentally, the DG ISPR addressed the media on the same day and, among other information , he revealed that no terrorist outfit has an organised base in the country anymore. If that is the case, then the suicide bomber is likely to have travelled all the way to Jhal Magsi — centrally located in Balochistan — from across the western border which is at quite some distance from the district. That the attacker managed to do that without being caught in a province that has seen massive deployment of forces o…

Balochistan Towards Warfare or Welfare

By: QaziNisar AhmedBefore tailoring the future scenario of Balochistan towards warfare or welfare, let’s view some snapshots of Balochistan history showing deprivations, conflicts, and periodic insurgencies since 1948. If we analyze the causes of the inconsistencies and riots, it would be reflected that the people are struggling and demanding for fair and equal socio-economic development and their sense of indigence led towards turmoil. In the past, their reservations were not addressed seriously, therefore, the episodes of unrest remain continue.Some alarming figures out crying that Balochistan may lead towards a new episode of disorder in the future. The poverty in the region in 1947-48 was between 35-38%, which became 62% in 2008 and now, according to UNDP (June/2016 report) 71% population lives in multidimensional poverty includes 55% population living below the poverty line. Another rotten figure showing the wo…

Sickening violence: Bloodbath at Sufi shrine

By Mohammad ZafarPublished: October 5, 2017

Devotees gather around the bodies of blast victims after a suicide bombing near a sufi shrine in the Gandawa area of Jhal Magsi district of Balochistan on October 5, 2017. PHOTO: AFPQUETTAA brief lull in terrorist violence ended on Thursday evening when a suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest at the entrance to a Sufi saint’s shrine in Jhal Magsi district of Balochistan, killing at least 18 devotees and injuring over two dozens more.The suicide bomber blew himself up after he was stopped at the entrance to Dargah Fatehpur in the Gandawah area of Jhal Magsi district, some 266 kilometres away from Quetta, officials said.The regional franchise of ultra-extremist Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack via its Amaq news service, according to Reuters news agency.ADVERTISEMENTAdThe bomber struck when the shrine was packed with devotees for the ann…

A Note on Prof.Sabah Dashtyari by Dr.Ali Akbar Mengal

Dr.Ali Akbar MengalProf.Sabah Dashtyari was very great Professor he was vocal and proactive for freedom of Balochistan  and every time he gave open speechs and lectures in university and library . One day we few friends Met him in his house at professors coloney  at university .He told me that he cried two times in his life, first time when Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed and second time  when he learned  that Munir Mengal was arrested from Karachi Airport for opening Baloch TV Chanel (but Munir still did not completed that project .) After discussion with him, one friend asked him "Sir you speak too open in your lectures against state  and if some one kill you what you do?"He replied "die simply, nothing else" and the  same has happen . A real Intellectual and real Professor who did not worried about pension, salary and life  worth of speaking truth .

BPP members meeting Rep.Steve Kings