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Bugti Case: Baloch must learn from history link article is roughly translated as belowIt says that during Bugti's Governorship, Balochistan witnessesed the worst military operation. Thousands Baloch citizens were killed and Bugti didn't say a single word about it. It also describes his ugly role in toppling the elected government of Balochistan and talks about the London plan that he used to incite Punjabi establishment to end the NAP's elected Government in Balochistan.My purpose of sharing it was and is that Baloch must learn from the history. They must not trust Punjabi establishment, as they will use them against their own people and then when time comes they will dump and eliminate them as they did to Bugti.Punjabi establishment can not be trusted. Never ever trust your enemies.
____________________________________It is unfortunate that many Nawabs and Sardars and their some so called Baloch militants groups, including the BLA and UBA, with thier phony and fake sl…

Trump’s interest in India sends China a strong message

While Trump may have been vague about how the U.S. is going to win the war in Afghanistan, he did send China an unmistakable message: the U.S. is going to attend to its interests in Asia, and China cannot expect special — or gentle — treatment.In this July 8, 2017, file photo, U.S. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping arrive for a meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.  (SAUL LOEB / AP)  By SIMON PALAMARMon., Aug. 28, 2017U.S. President Donald Trump gave a speech on Aug. 21 that laid out his strategy to continue, and ultimately “win,” the war in Afghanistan. But buried underneath that lead, was a clear message, intended for neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan — but for China. Despite being less overt than previous speeches, the message was simple: the U.S. plans to remain a political, economic, and perhaps even military force not…

Chinese seek ‘Silk Road’ riches in Pakistan

Font Size:  A  A  AReuters/Lahore/ShanghaiMonday، 28 August 2017 08:50 PMZhang Yang, a businessman from Chongqing in southwest China, is searching online forums for fellow stout-hearted entrepreneurs willing to cast aside security concerns and join him on a scouting mission to Pakistan.
Zhang, 48, is one of a growing number of Chinese pioneers sensing an opportunity across the Himalayas in Pakistan, where Beijing has pledged to spend $57bn on infrastructure projects as part of its “Belt and Road” initiative.
Numbering in the thousands, this second wave of Chinese arrivals are following in the wake of workers on Belt and Road projects.
Some are opening restaurants and language schools, while others are working out what products they could sell to a market of 208mn people, or what goods they could make cheaply in Pakistan to sell around the world.
“A lot of industries are already saturated in China,” said Zhan…

Balochistan: 12 Pakistani troops killed in Kohlu battle

about 18 hours ago11 ReadsQUETTA: Pakistani forces have intensified their attacks against Baloch civilians in several areas of Kohlu after the Baloch fighters targeted their check post in the region.The latest military offensives took place in Sohren kaor, Sur tal, Band Koh, Tobov and other surrounding areas of district Kohlu in Kohistan Marri, Balochistan.The forces have targeted civilian populations and destroyed houses of innocent people. It is feared that due to indiscriminate air strikes and ground forces offensives several people and their livestock have died.Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army, Mr Azad Baloch, said that the BLA fighters confronted the Pakistani forces in several areas during Pakistani forces offensive in the region.“On Sunday morning, the Baloch fighters blew up a vehicle of Pakistani forces with a remote-controlled device in Chok Sont area of Sohren K…

Saindak copper gold project: Federal govt likely to transfer project to Balochistan

Saindak Copper Gold Project

August 29, 2017ISLAMABAD -  The federal government is likely to approve today (Tuesday) the transfer of Saindak Copper Gold Project (SCGP) to the Government of Balochistan, it was learnt on Monday.The federal cabinet, which has been convened here today, will consider eight-point agenda, which also includes the transfer of SCGP to Government of Balochistan, sources told The Nation here.The federal government has already shown its readiness to hand over the Saindak Project to the provincial government when the agreement with the Chinese company will expire in October this year.The Government of Balochistan has been demanding for the past many years for the control of Saindak project.Under the Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan (AHB) package, it was decided that Balochistan will receive 35 per cent of sales proceeds from the minerals extracted from Saindak mines, i…

No drinking water for Baloch

🔴Baloch women in occupied Balochistan ,because of occupation and injustice .🔴No drinking water for Baloch in occupied Balochistan 🔴Baloch women walk tens of kilometers for bringing drinking water حياة البلوش في بلوشستان المحتلة
بسبب الاحتلال والظلم 
لا يوجد ماء للشرب، حريم البلوش يقطعون عشرات كيلومترات للمشي لجلب ماء للشرب والغسيل

International Conference on Sindhudesh

For Belt and Road to succeed, China must work harmoniously with other countries: Shanmugam

Through the trade route and other initiatives, China has the potential to build a “new economic architecture that can uplift economic growth in this hemisphere”, Singapore's Home Affairs and Law Minister says.image:  China-Pakistan Friendship Highway is a crown jewel of China's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, a massive global infrastructure programme to revive the ancient Silk Road and connect Chinese companies to new markets around the world. AFP/Johannes EISELE28 Aug 2017 11:56AM (Updated: 28 Aug 2017 12:34PM)Share this contentSINGAPORE: China's Belt and Road initiative (BRI) presents many opportunities for growth in the region, but the Asian superpower has to work with other countries for it to succeed, Singapore's Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam said on Monday…

Dr.Sayeed Kaleem commander sets sights on CPEC

By Our CorresondentPublished: August 28, 2017

Urges expansion of assets, resources and well-thought strategy to tackle expected an increase in traffic. PHOTO: AFPISLAMABADThe newly appointed Motorway Police Commander has set his sights on the expected increase in traffic flow on the highways of the country under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).Dr Syed Kaleem Imam took charge of the National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP)last week.Trump’s new Afghan strategy is actually a ploy against CPEC, claims Russian journalistADVERTISEMENTA decorated police officer, Dr Imam is a PhD in Politics and International Relations, with an LLM in Human Rights Law from the UK.He served as an SSP in Sibi, Nasirabad, Quetta and Islamabad, Immigration FIA, CSO to PM, and director of the National Police Bureau. He has also served as the IG Islamabad Police and the Police Commissioner in Darfur Sudan. He has be…