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'Human rights violations have crossed all limits': Baloch women who have found refuge in Delhi highlight plight for freedom from Pakistan 'Human rights violations have crossed all limits': Baloch women who have found refuge in Delhi highlight plight for freedom from Pakistan By Sneha Agrawal23:35 BST 07 Aug 2017, updated 23:36 BST 07 Aug 2017 +4 Facebook Twitter e - mail SMS WhatsApp 0 comments Many Baloch women living in Delhi are longing to reunite with their families  In a symbolic gesture, some tied Rakhi to Indian brothers at Baloch-Hind forum Last year, PM Narendra Modi raised the issue of violence allegedly being committed by Pakistan on Balochis   See more news from India at indiahome   While Indians celebrated Raksha Bandhan with much fervour on Monday, Sameena Rakhshani, a 20-year-old Baloch woman living in the Capital who is waiting to reunite with her brothers and sisters back home in Afghanistan, spent the day in gloom. Born as a refugee in Iran and hav

Balochistan lawyers call for three-day strike on 1st anniversary of Quetta attack Balochistan lawyers call for three-day strike on 1st anniversary of Quetta attack 1st anniversary of Quetta hospital carnage today August 08, 2017 Quetta - The first anniversary of the Civil Hospital, Quetta, carnage will be observed across Balochistan today (Tuesday) where Quran Khwani, candle-lit vigils, condolence references, rallies and demonstrations will be held across the province. There will be an official holiday for academic institutions today. Balochistan government has announced to officially observe the death anniversary. In this regard, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri made the announcement to observe the anniversary officially and declared holiday in all state-run and private schools of Quetta on Tuesday. Prayer ceremony for the soul of martyred lawyers will be held at 11:30 AM in Sikandar Jamali Auditorium Civil Secretariat

NBP to get preparatory licence for branch in China August 8, 2017 BEIJING: The Chinese government will soon grant a preparatory licence to the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to establish a branch in Beijing within next three months aimed at further accelerating trade and investment activities under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a senior official of the bank confirmed on Monday. "China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) had already accorded a formal approval to our initial application for setting up a branch through a letter issued in May this year." "Now, we have submitted another application, seeking issuance of a preparatory licence, which is under process and we are hopeful to get a formal approval in October this year," NBP's chief representative, Chaudhary Muahmmad Waseef Aslam told APP in an interview. He said after the issuance of the preparatory licence, the commission will give us a nine-month

Can CPEC weather Pakistan’s political storm? opinionAugust 08, 2017 01:00 By Afshan Subohi  Dawn  Asia News Network  Karachi The momentum of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative seems to have been compromised over the last two months. In a highly partisan political environment, China reiterated its neutrality towards the internal affairs of the country by stating its resolve to abide by “a strategic cooperative partnership with Pakistan”.  Senior officials in Islamabad, who coordinate with the Chinese side for the CPEC, informed Dawn that the political crisis did hamper the pace of progress, particularly on projects in the pipeline.  “Yes, the divide blurs the line between civil and military leaders as Generals vow to secure and support CPEC related project as much, if not more, than civil political leaders.  Ads by AdAsia   Learn More Ad 0:43 “This unity of opinion is not enough. For CPEC to stay on course a conducive investment environment

CPEC control: Who will head Planning Commission? National 1 DAY AGO BY  MIAN ABRAR Share this on WhatsApp — Ahsan Iqbal’s move to interior ministry may jeopardise swift CPEC implementation — Fawwad Hassan Fawwad trying to have his hands on CPEC projects ISLAMABAD : With no decision on the fate of Planning, Reforms and Development Commission, confusion persists in Pakistan and China about who would be looking after the timely completion of the most significant China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). China is investing around US$ 59 billion in Pakistan for various projects of the CPEC, ranging from energy projects like dams, coal and atomic power plants to infrastructure involving roads, railways, ports and industrial clusters as well as free economic zones. 2017 is called the take-off year for the CPEC as 19 out of the 39 Early Harvest Projects of the ‘game-changing’ CPEC have either been complete or already are in an advanced sta

Pakistan-China: Old state, new client August 7, 2017, 11:35 PM IST  Indrani Bagchi  in  Globespotting   |   Economy ,  India ,  World   |  ET       Irony died a million deaths on July 28 when Pervez Musharraf congratulated the Pakistan Supreme Court for getting rid of Nawaz Sharif. Musharraf himself is in exile and would have been in jail — after he conducted the last public coup against Sharif in 1999, banishing the latter into the safe arms of the Saudi royalty — if former army chief Ashfaq Kayani hadn’t given him safe passage. Sharif distinguished himself by being tossed out of government all three times in his career. And, coming on the eve of its Independence Day, a more depressing fact for Pakistan can be recalled: no government has ever finished a five-year term. There will be elections in 2018. But nobody, not even in Pakistan, is holding their breath for a rebirth of powerful civilian rule. The army, or an activist

CPEC: China is looking at Water not Agri Land Daanish Mustafa I recently came across some real news about Pakistan which merits sharing, and commenting. According to a July, 2017 article by Carole Dalin at University College, London and fellow authors, in Nature, world’s top journal for scientific knowledge, Pakistan is the largest exporter of depleted groundwater embedded in agricultural exports in the world. We account for 29 percent of the global trade in agricultural products grown from over abstraction of groundwater, ahead of the United States (27 percent) and India (12 percent). So we are number one in something, should we be happy and proud that we even beat the United States, let alone India? Or is there a cause for concern? The research presented by Dr Dalinet al. is predicated upon the concept of virtual water coined by my esteemed colleague, Prof Tony Allan, at King’s College, London. The concept is simply that all agricultural, or for that matter an

$35b pure investment, $11b soft loan under CPEC: Ahsan      Staff Reporter Islamabad Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal on Monday informed the National Assembly that out of total $46 billion, $35 billion was purely investment from China under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for energy sector, and the rest was given to Pakistan as soft loan for infrastructure development. During the question-hour session, he said anti-CPEC lobbies were making the game-changer project controversial. The loan, he said, had been given at very low rates. “We are thankful to China for making such a huge investment in Pakistan.” Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Communications Alam Dad Laleka said the CPEC link road with total length of 106 km would connect Khuzdar with Baasima. The PC-1 of the project amounting to Rs 19.88.435 million had been approved by ECNEC in its meeting held on April 12. The application for obtaining loan from Exim Bank China for the project, he sa

SHARIF’S OUSTER: DEMOCRACY AND CPEC WEAKENED COLUMNISTS Tuesday, 08 August 2017 |  Sandhya Jain  | in  Ed The ouster of an elected Prime Minister, while not surprising, further diminishes the quality of Islamabad’s fragile democracy. Most importantly, internal developments over there have cast a shadow over the CPEC Bowing to the military supremacy in Islamabad, Pakistan’s Supreme Court on July 28 disqualified Prime Minister  Nawaz Sharif  from holding public office for life after an exposé of Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca’s financial dealings showed that three of Sharif’s children owned offshore companies. There was no trial, no reading of evidence, recording or cross examining witnesses; only a judicial indictment leading to Sharif’s instant exit. The judgement conforms to the Pakistan Supreme Court’s tendency to legalise military coups (1958, 1977 and 1999) under what it calls the “doctrine of necessity.” The ouster of an electe

Hind Baloch Forum : Raksha Bandan celebration

Hind Baloch Forum : Rakshabandan celebration in delhi

Baloch sisters tying Raksha band to Indian brothers in Delhi. First of it's kind to strengthen the bonds between Baloch and India's. On Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties a rakhi(sacred thread) on her brother's wrist with a prayer for his prosperity and happiness. This symbolizes the sister's love.In return Brother protects sister.

Baloch up the ante against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Mon, 7 Aug 2017-03:47pm , ANI  Exiled Baloch leaders and activists will gather in Berlin, Germany, on August 11 to voice their protest against the under construction multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The event titled ?China?s One Belt One Road Initiative - Its adverse impact on Balochistan & the region? would be organized by the European branch of Baloch National Movement (BNM), a Baloch nationalist political group. Hammal Haider, the foreign secretary of the Baloch National Movement, said, ? The purpose of the Berlin conference is to engage scholars from around the world to have a candid debate on China's One Belt Road One Road (OBOR) initiative . The Baloch National Movement believes OBOR and its related projects not only affect Balochistan but also other nations in the world. ?In this situation, I think, it?s high time we wo

Join hands to dismantle Sardari system and Sardars hold on people

Source : Baloch Youth Network Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri has said that traditions such as brotherhood, tolerance, hospitality and respect for each other were the identity of our province. “Keeping all these traditions alive and intact is our joint responsibility,” he added. Chief Minister Balochistan expressed these views during a traditional ceremony of nomination of newly designated Sardar (Chief) of Jattak Baloch tribe, Sardar Ali Muhammad Jattak. Nawab Zehri said that being Chief of Jhalwan was more important for him as compared to the slot of Chief Ministership. “Today I am so glad that we are promoting the centuries old tradition which dates back from the period of Khan Naseer Khan Noori,” he remarked. “Such steps help avoid disputes,” he added. He said that God had made tribes so that we could identity each other’s thus we should intact our traditions and values through promoting love, brotherhood and tolerance in our society. The Sardari syste

China’s economic corridor is pushing Pakistan towards an economic nightmare So far the benefits of the CPEC seem to be accruing solely on Beijing’s side of the ledger. If this trend continues, Pakistan’s fairy tale may slowly metamorphose into a horror movie         A truck driving along the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway before the Karakorum mountain range near Tashkurgan . For China, the two-lane thoroughfare symbolizes a blossoming partnership, nourished with tens of billion of dollars of infrastructure investment. But for many Pakistani businessmen living and working on the Chinese side of the border, the road is a one way street. (Johannes EISELE / AFP) A woman collecting water from the Karakul Lake before the Karakorum mountain range next to the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway, near Tashkurgan . The remote town of around 9,000 is at the geographic heart of Beijing’s plans to build a major trad